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更少时间优化方案 更多时间探索发现

BD Horizon RealYellow™系列和RealBlue™ 系列试剂提供明亮的激光特异性的试剂选择,适用于广泛的抗体蛋白检测,帮助您加速探索新的科学发现。






BD Horizon RealYellow™ 586 (RY586) 试剂产品介绍

BD Horizon RealYellow™ 586 (RY586) 试剂是首批上市的创新型激光特异性荧光染料,主要由561-nm黄绿激光器激发,具有以下显著优势:


  • 基本没有488nm蓝激光器交叉激发。
  • 明亮的激光特异性荧光染料,支持对低表达的细胞表面和细胞内标记物检测





Generate reliable data that clearly resolve even the most challenging cell populations by leveraging bright, clean fluorochromes that minimize spillover and background.
Maximize panel design options for both conventional and spectral flow cytometry by using reagents that deliver minimal cross-laser excitation in hundreds of antibody specificities.
Reveal more insights from the same sample by expanding the utility of blue and yellow-green laser channels with reagents that enable the simultaneous use of more detectors.


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BD flow cytometers are Class 1 Laser Products.

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