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Explore our expansive and comprehensive portfolio of high-quality reagents and controls for a variety of clinical diagnostics applications. The BD Biosciences clinical diagnostics reagents are optimized to provide consistent and reliable results.



Select from an extensive array of BD Biosciences clinical diagnostic reagent formats to suit your specific need.

Single-Color Antibodies


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Antigen-specific reagents (ASRs) and IVD reagents that provide flexibility and consistency for lab-defined panels 

Multicolor Cocktails and Kits

Kits and multicolor cocktails that provide excellent resolution for high-parameter flow cytometry

Buffers and Supporting Reagents

Standard buffers and specialized reagents and buffers required for various clinical diagnostic applications, such as leucocyte enumeration, stem cell enumeration and more

Process and Quality Controls

Bead and cell-based quality controls needed to help set up clinical diagnostic tests



Single-Color Antibodies (ASR, IVD)

Explore our broad selection of high-quality ASRs and single antibody IVD reagents developed for your needs. Select the best reagents based on the specificity and dye format you need for your target. Dyes conjugated to different fluorophores and performance optimized for flow cytometry are available.


BD Biosciences offers custom clinical solutions for contract manufacturing of high-volume panels

Contract manufacturing of high-volume panels that have been independently designed and validated by laboratories for clinical use are available. Check our Custom Solutions to select appropriate reagents for your specific needs.


For In Vitro Diagnostic Use.