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Anti-Human CD2/CD2R Purified

BD FastImmune™ Anti-Human CD2/CD2R Purified

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BD FastImmune™
Flow cytometry
Phosphate buffered saline with 0.01% sodium azide.


CD2, clone L303.1, and CD2R, clone L304.1, are each derived by the fusion of SP2/0 myeloma cells with splenocytes from BALB/c mice immunized with CD3-activated human T lymphocytes.

The CD2 molecule is an Mr 50-kilodalton (kd) human lymphocyte antigen. At least three different functional epitopes of CD2 have been defined. One epitope (recognized by Leu™-5b) is the sheep red blood cell (SRBC) receptor. The other two epitopes, CD2 and CD2R, are binding sites for monoclonal antibodies that, when used together, deliver signals for polyclonal T-lymphocyte activation.


The monoclonal antibody is supplied as 125 μg each of CD2 and CD2R in 250 μL of phosphate-buffered saline (PBS) containing 0.01% sodium azide. The vial should be stored at 2° to 8°C. Each reagent is stable for the period shown on the bottle label when stored as directed.

340366 Rev. 1
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説明 クローン アイソタイプ EntrezGene ID
CD2 Purified L303.1 IgG2a, κ 3689
CD2R Purified L304.1 IgG1, κ 914
340366 Rev. 1
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340366 Rev. 1

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