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CD27 PE-Cy™7
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TNFRSF7; TNF receptor superfamily, member 7; T14; Tp55; S152
Mouse BALB/c IgG1, κ
Human T-CLL cells
Flow cytometry
50 μg/mL
5 μL
IV T187; V 5T CD27.03

655157 Rev. 1
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The CD27 antibody, clone M-T271, is derived from the hybridization of mouse myeloma cells from mice immunized with human T-cell lymphocytic leukemia (T-CLL) cells.

The CD27 antibody recognizes a 55-kilodalton (kDa) disulfide-linked dimer that is a member of the nerve growth factor (NGF) superfamily, which also includes CD40, tumor necrosis factor (TNF) receptors α and β, and CD95 (Fas). With its ligand CD70, CD27 acts in a co-stimulatory fashion on T lymphocytes.

655157 Rev. 1
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PE-Cy7 dye is a part of the BD PE family of dyes. This tandem fluorochrome is comprised of a R-Phycoerythrin (PE) donor that has excitation maxima (Ex Max) of 496-nm and 566-nm and an acceptor dye, Cy™7, with an emission maximum (Em Max) at 781-nm. PE can be excited by the Blue (488-nm), Green (532-nm) and yellow-green (561-nm) lasers and detected using an optical filter centered near 781 nm (e.g., a 760/60-nm bandpass filter). The donor dye can be excited by the Blue (488-nm), Green (532-nm) and yellow-green (561-nm) lasers and the acceptor dye can be excited by the Red (627–640-nm) laser resulting in cross-laser excitation and fluorescence spillover. Please ensure that your instrument’s configurations (lasers and optical filters) are appropriate for this dye.
Yellow-Green 488 nm, 532 nm, 561 nm
496 nm, 566 nm
781 nm
655157 Rev.1
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655157 Rev. 1

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