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Reticulocyte Whole Blood Control

BD Retic-Count™ Reticulocyte Whole Blood Control

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BD Retic-Count™
Flow cytometry


The BD Retic-Count™ control is a tri-level, assayed hematology control designed to document and monitor values obtained from manual and automated reticulocyte counting methods.

Contents: human erythrocytes and mammalian erythrocytes suspended in a plasma-like fluid with preservatives, in 3 levels: normal, moderately high, and very high.


• Store vials upright, tightly capped, at 2° to 8°C when not in use. Protect vials from overheating or freezing.

• Unopened vials are stable until the expiration date indicated on each vial and Assay Values sheet.

• Opened vials are stable for 21 days when handled properly. If sample preparation is a separate step before counting, count the prepared sample within 60 minutes after the minimum incubation time.

340999 Rev. 1
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説明 数量/容量 Part Number EntrezGene ID
Retic-Count™ Control L1 (1%) 200 Tests (1 ea) 341054 N/A
Retic-Count™ Control L2 (5%) 200 Tests (1 ea) 341055 N/A
Retic-Count™ Control L3 (10%) 200 Tests (1 ea) 341056 N/A
340999 Rev. 1
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開発者向け参考資料 (1)

  1. Approved Guideline. Methods for Reticulocyte Counting (Flow Cytometry and Supravital Dyes). NCCLS document H44-A. 1997. (Biology).
340999 Rev. 1

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