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Brilliant Stain Buffer

BD Horizon™ Brilliant Stain Buffer

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BD Horizon™ Brilliant Stain Buffer is designed for use in multicolor flow cytometry experiments that utilize two or more staining reagents conjugated with BD Horizon Brilliant™ fluorescent polymer dyes. Interactions between such dyes can cause staining artifacts which may affect data interpretation. The buffer is not needed when using only one BD Horizon Brilliant reagent in a multicolor staining cocktail. The buffer is compatible with other fluorescent staining reagents conjugated with traditional fluorochromes, such as fluorescein, phycoerythrin (PE), or allophycocyanin (APC) dyes.

Quality: BD Horizon Brilliant Stain Buffer is of sufficient quality and purity to reproducibly minimize interactions between two BD Horizon Brilliant reagents in a multicolor staining cocktail. Dilution Instructions: Add 50 µL of undiluted BD Horizon Brilliant Stain Buffer to each 12 x 75-mm tube in the experiment, and then add each fluorochrome-conjugated antibody at the recommended volume per test. Add 100 µL of the sample and perform your usual staining procedure. NOTE If you are preparing a multicolor staining cocktail that contains two or more BD Horizon Brilliant reagents, first determine the number of tests you wish to perform and add 50 µL per test of undiluted BD Horizon Brilliant Stain Buffer to a tube. Then add the appropriate volume of each fluorochrome-conjugated antibody to the tube. Vortex to mix well, especially after adding a BD Horizon Brilliant reagent. Store the cocktail at 2°C–8°C, protected from light, until use. CAUTION Do not use more than 50 µL of the staining buffer per test, even if you are using more than two BD Horizon Brilliant reagents. Warning: All biological specimens and materials coming in contact with them are considered biohazards. Handle as if capable of transmitting infection and dispose of with proper precautions in accordance with federal, state, and local regulations. Never pipette by mouth. Wear suitable protective clothing, eyewear, and gloves.

BD Horizon™


  1. Caution: If you choose to combine two or more BD Horizon Brilliant™ Dyes in the same multicolor staining cocktail, fluorescent dye interactions may cause staining artifacts without the use of a buffering solution, such as the BD Horizon™ Brilliant Stain Buffer.
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659611 Rev. 1

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