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High-Dimensional Biology

As research becomes more niche and therapies more personalized, comprehensive phenotyping is critical to fully understand the underlying biology.
Getting the most data from every experiment is critical, especially when you are working with limited sample volume. Detecting multiple cell subsets in one large panel can ease the workflow and maximize the information obtained from a limited sample volume.
High-parameter cell analysis enables the high-dimensional biological insights needed to keep you at the forefront of scientific discovery. By leveraging cutting-edge technology that enables you to expand the number of parameters in your experiment, your potential discovery and scientific impact grows exponentially.
Advances in technology have increased the number of characteristics that can be measured on a single cell. This has enabled identification of more cellular subsets as well as deeper understanding of immune function and is often necessary to answer biological questions.

Training/Scientific Support

We live and breathe flow cytometry and are here to help you advance your research.

Whether you are new to high-parameter flow cytometry or a seasoned “flow jock,” our experts are here to support you.

Discover how the Garvan Institute leverages

high-parameter cell analysis





BD FACSymphony™ Cell Analyzer


A special order research product featuring customizable solutions for high-parameter cell analysis, up to 50 parameters.


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BD FACSymphony™ Cell Sorter

A cell sorter designed to power your scientific discoveries with 6-way sorting and up to 60 parameters.

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Reagents for High-Parameter Flow Cytometry

Enabling deeper insights at the single-cell level by leveraging BD's reagent porfolio of high-performing BD Horizon Brilliant™ dyes and delivering high parameter reagent solutions for the BD FACSymphony™ cell analyzer.

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BD Rhapsody™ Single-Cell Analysis System

Analyze the expression of hundreds of genes across tens of thousands of single cells in parallel.

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SeqGeq™ is a desktop bioinformatics platform that makes complex scRNA seq analysis accessible with an intuitive interface.

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