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Expanding BD Horizon Brilliant™ ASRs for performance and flexibility






Improving and Expanding BD Horizon Brilliant™ ASRs to Enhance Performance

BD has expanded the portfolio of our BD Horizon Brilliant Violet™ Analyte Specific Reagents (ASRs). Since 2018 we have implemented a new manufacturing process for all new BD Horizon Brilliant™ ASRs that improves performance to enable confidence in results and added flexibility in multicolor design. Additional BD Horizon Brilliant™ ASRs using this manufacturing process are now available. BD Horizon™ BV605 and BV421 ASRs can be used on flow cytometers equipped with a violet laser and appropriate filters, such as high color configurations of the BD FACSLyric™ and BD FACSCanto™ Flow Cytometers.*

Clinical Brilliance Expanded


Lot-to-Lot Consistency


In 2018, BD improved lot-to-lot consistency and reduced the allowable manufacturing lot-to-lot variation in brightness by 50% for all new BD Horizon Brilliant™ ASRs. With robust reagent consistency, you are given confidence in the reproducibility of your results.

Illustrative examples from product development are shown in Figures 1, 2 and 3.



ASRs were developed to be bright - typically as bright or brighter than our analogous research use only (RUO) reagents.

Illustrative examples from product development are shown in Figures 4 and 5.



With an expanded portfolio of ASRs for violet laser channels, you now have increased flexibility in
multicolor panel design. This allows more options to move panel markers to the violet laser channels
freeing up the blue and red laser channels.

Illustrative examples from product development are shown in Figures 6 and 7.

New ASRs

The following BD Horizon Brilliant™ ASRs are now available for consistency, brightness and channel flexibility.


Description Clone ASR Cat. No. ASR with BD Horizon Brilliant Stain Buffer GPR Cat. No.
CD22 BV421 HIB22 663979 663998
CD33 BV421 P67.6 663980 663999
CD34 BV421 8G12 663981 664000
CD117 BV421 104D2 663982 664001
CD123 BV421 9F5 663983 664002
CD5 BV605 L17F12 663985 664004
CD10 BV605 HI10a 663986 664005
CD15 BV605 HI98 663987 664006
CD16 BV605 3G8 663988 664007
CD19 BV605 SJ25C1 663989 664008
CD56 BV605 NCAM16.2 663990 664009
CD64 BV605 10.1 663991 664010

Further expanding the ASR portfolio beyond BD Horizon Brilliant™ ASRs, the following ASRs are now also available to increase panel flexibility.

Description Clone ASR Cat. No.
CD5 APC-R700 L17F12 663992
CD123 APC-R700 9F5 663994
CD138 APC-R700 MI15 663995
CD64 PerCP-Cy™5.5 10.1 663996

BD Horizon Brilliant™ ASR lot-to-lot consistency and brightness performance claims do not apply for these ASRs as they are not BD Horizon Brilliant ASRs.

* Seven to twelve color assays are for Research Use Only
For optimal results, use BD Horizon™ Brilliant Stain Buffer any time two or more BD Horizon Brilliant™ Reagents are used in the same multicolor staining cocktail.
Analyte Specific Reagent. Analytical and performance characteristics are not established.
GPR – General Purpose Reagent for Laboratory Use.
Cy is a trademark of GE Healthcare.