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Purified Mouse Anti-Human IKKβ w/ Control

BD Pharmingen™ Purified Mouse Anti-Human IKKβ w/ Control

Purified Mouse Anti-Human IKKβ w/ Control
Western blot analysis of Ikkβ. Lysate from HeLa cells was probed with anti-Ikkβ (clone F18-1875, Cat. No. 51-8120GR) at concentrations of 0.25 (lane 1), 0.125 (lane 2), and 0.06 µg/ml (lane 3). Ikkβ is identified as a band of ~87 kDa.
Western blot analysis of Ikkβ. Lysate from HeLa cells was probed with anti-Ikkβ (clone F18-1875, Cat. No. 51-8120GR) at concentrations of 0.25 (lane 1), 0.125 (lane 2), and 0.06 µg/ml (lane 3). Ikkβ is identified as a band of ~87 kDa.
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BD Pharmingen™
Human (QC Testing)
Western blot (Routinely Tested), Immunoprecipitation (Tested During Development)


Applications include western blot analysis (0.06 - 0.25 µg/ml). Other applications not routinely tested at BD Biosciences Pharmingen include immunoprecipitation (4 µg/sample). Store the antibody at -20°C. HeLa control lysate [50 µg (1 µg/µl)] is provided as a positive control (Cat. No. 51-16516N; store lysate at -20°C). HeLa control lysate (Cat. No. 611449) is sold separately as a ready-to-use western blot control.


  1. Since applications vary, each investigator should titrate the reagent to obtain optimal results.
  2. Please refer to for technical protocols.
  3. Caution: Sodium azide yields highly toxic hydrazoic acid under acidic conditions. Dilute azide compounds in running water before discarding to avoid accumulation of potentially explosive deposits in plumbing.
  4. Source of all serum proteins is from USDA inspected abattoirs located in the United States.
  5. Sodium azide is a reversible inhibitor of oxidative metabolism; therefore, antibody preparations containing this preservative agent must not be used in cell cultures nor injected into animals. Sodium azide may be removed by washing stained cells or plate-bound antibody or dialyzing soluble antibody in sodium azide-free buffer. Since endotoxin may also affect the results of functional studies, we recommend the NA/LE (No Azide/Low Endotoxin) antibody format, if available, for in vitro and in vivo use.
551920 Rev. 7
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描述 数量/尺寸 零件号 EntrezGene ID
Purified Mouse Anti-Human IKKβ 50 µg (1 ea) 51-8120GR N/A
HeLa Control Lysate 50 µg (1 ea) 51-16516N N/A
551920 Rev. 7
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551920 Rev. 7

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