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L-selectin; LECAM-1; SELL; LNHR; LSEL; LAM-1; LEU8; PLNHR; TQ-1; MEL-14
Mouse BALB/c IgG2a, κ
Human Peripheral Blood T Lymphocytes
Flow cytometry
10 μg/mL
20 μL
V S059

654666 Rev. 1
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CD62L, clone SK11, is derived from hybridization of mouse NS-1 myeloma cells with spleen cells from BALB/c mice immunized with peripheral blood T lymphocytes.

The CD62L antigen, Mr 80 kilodaltons (kd), is the leucocyte endothelial cellular adhesion molecule (LECAM). The CD62L antigen belongs to the selectin family of cell adhesion molecules. The CD62L molecule is the human homologue of the murine lymph node homing receptor, MEL 14.

654666 Rev. 1
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R-Phycoerythrin (PE), is part of the BD family of Phycobiliprotein dyes. This fluorochrome is a multimeric fluorescent phycobiliprotein with excitation maximum (Ex Max) of 496 nm and 566 nm and an emission maximum (Em Max) at 576 nm. PE is designed to be excited by the Blue (488 nm), Green (532 nm) and Yellow-Green (561 nm) lasers and detected using an optical filter centered near 575 nm (e.g., a 575/26-nm bandpass filter). As PE is excited by multiple lasers, this can result in cross-laser excitation and fluorescence spillover on instruments with various combinations of Blue, Green, and Yellow-Green lasers. Please ensure that your instrument’s configurations (lasers and optical filters) are appropriate for this dye.
Yellow-Green 488 nm, 532 nm, 561 nm
496 nm, 566 nm
576 nm
654666 Rev.1
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654666 Rev. 1

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