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ITGAX; Integrin alpha-X; AlphaX integrin chain; CR4; Leu M5; p150/95 alpha
Mouse IgG2b
Flow cytometry
25 μg/mL
5 μL
Phosphate buffered saline with gelatin and 0.1% sodium azide.


Store vials at 2°C–8°C. Conjugated forms should not be frozen. Protect from exposure to light. Each reagent is stable until the expiration date shown on the bottle label when stored as directed.

340714 Rev. 1
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The CD11c antibody, clone S-HCL-3, is derived from the hybridization of NS-1 mouse myeloma cells with spleen cells isolated from CD-1 mice immunized with whole cells and membrane preparations of hairy-cell leukemia.

The CD11c antibody recognizes a human monocyte/macrophage antigen. CD11c is specific for the 150-kilodalton (kDa) α-subunit of the CD11c/CD18 antigen heterodimer, also referred to as complement receptor type 4 (CR4). The 95-kDa CD18 antigen, the β chain of leucocyte function–associated antigen-1 (LFA-1), is common to the CD11a/CD18 (LFA-1) and CD11b/CD18 antigen heterodimers.

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Allophycocyanin (APC), is part of the BD family of phycobiliprotein dyes. This fluorochrome is a multimeric fluorescent phycobiliprotein with excitation maximum (Ex Max) of 651 nm and an emission maximum (Em Max) at 660 nm. APC is designed to be excited by the Red (627-640 nm) laser and detected using an optical filter centered near 660 nm (e.g., a 660/20 nm bandpass filter). Please ensure that your instrument’s configurations (lasers and optical filters) are appropriate for this dye.
Red 627-640 nm
651 nm
660 nm
340714 Rev.1
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340714 Rev. 1

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