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Spend Less Time Optimizing Panels and More Time Discovering

The family of BD Horizon RealYellow™ and RealBlue™ Reagents, with bright, laser-specific fluorochromes and a wide array of antibody specificities, can help streamline the path to your scientific discoveries.


Simplify panel design and improve data resolution even for the most complex analysis with a new family of spectrally optimized fluorochromes for the blue and yellow-green laser lines.


Driven by next-generation BD dye technology and AI-guided fluorochrome selection to optimize spectral positioning, our new family of reagents is specially engineered to deliver reduced spillover and laser-precision to optimize resolution when used with other fluorochromes—helping to expand your experiments on both conventional and spectral flow cytometers.


BD Horizon RealYellow™ 586 (RY586) Reagents

BD Horizon RealYellow™ 586 (RY586) Reagents are now available as the first in the rapidly growing family of innovative, laser-specific fluorochromes. They are excited primarily by the 561-nm yellow-green laser and offer:


  • Minimal cross-laser excitation off the 488-nm blue laser
  • Bright fluorescence to detect low-expression surface and intracellular markers 


Conventional flow cytometry: Just as bright as PE, but with significantly less cross-laser excitation, RY586 reagents can be used instead of PE on conventional flow cytometers for more flexible panel design.


Spectral flow cytometry: With a distinct spectral profile from PE, RY586 reagents can be used with PE on spectral flow cytometers to increase parameters for deep scientific insights.

Generate reliable data that clearly resolve even the most challenging cell populations by leveraging bright, clean fluorochromes that minimize spillover and background.
Maximize panel design options for both conventional and spectral flow cytometry by using reagents that deliver minimal cross-laser excitation in hundreds of antibody specificities.
Reveal more insights from the same sample by expanding the utility of blue and yellow-green laser channels with reagents that enable the simultaneous use of more detectors.


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