September 2018
Evaluating multiple inhibitory receptors associated with T-cell exhaustion, Spotlight: Detecting malaria parasites in blood cells with Benoît Malleret, Tips and Tricks: Use software templates to simplify and streamline acquisition and analysis

August 2018
Measuring rituximab-mediated complement-dependent cytotoxicity, Tips and Tricks: When to use optional filters

July 2018
A flow cytometric assay to assess phagocytosis modulation, Tips and Tricks: Attenuation filters

June 2018
A high-throughput PD-1 receptor-occupancy assay using the BD FACSCelesta™ flow cytometer, Tips and Tricks: Use tandem dyes carefully

May 2018
New poster: The dual role of immune cells in the tumor microenvironment, Spotlight: Nanoengineering a new injectable hemostat with Giriraj Lokhande and James Carrow, Tips and Tricks: Minimize spillover by design

April 2018
Using GFP tagging to improve detection of bacteria, Spotlight: How Tregs resist cell death with Kelsey Voss, Tips and Tricks: Determine cell counts and concentrations

March 2018
Use index sorting to correlate gene and protein expression at the single-cell level, Spotlight: New BD Accuri™ product manager Ben Johnson, Tips and Tricks: Align peaks with VirtualGain™

February 2018
How flow cytometry can complement conventional methods in cell and molecular biology, Spotlight: New methods of generating neuronal cells from stem cells with Yiling Hong, Tips and Tricks: Reveal hidden data

January 2018
Delving deeper into CD8+ cytotoxic T-cell activation and response, Spotlight: Studying hepatic immune cells by combining imaging with flow cytometry with Gustavo Menezes, Tips and Tricks: Use light scatter to your advantage



December 2017
Assessing CD8+ cytotoxic T-cell activation and response, Spotlight: Studying microorganisms in their natural plant habitat with Johan Leveau, Tips and Tricks: Positive controls

November 2017
A closer look at endogenous CRISPR-Cas systems, Spotlight: Maren Wehrs describing a Cas9-based toolkit for a yeast strain, Tips and Tricks: Preventing decontamination

October 2017
A bright dye for every channel—BD Horizon Brilliant™ Blue 700 (BB700), Spotlight: Ibon Garitaonandia on on verifying stem cell markers for Parkinson’s disease clinical trials, Tips and Tricks: The Zoom tool

September 2017
Assessing NK cell cytotoxicity against tumor cells, Spotlight: Ming Su on A new point-of-care assay for DNA damage, Tips and Tricks: Knowing when to clean

August 2017
Using EdU click chemistry to assess cell cycle, Spotlight: Samuel Bertin on finding new targets for immune-mediated pathologies, Tips and Tricks: Avoid sample clumping

July 2017
Optimizing transfection efficiency, Spotlight: Carl Simard discusses the challenges of developing, validating and integrating analytical methods of umbilical cord blood quality testing, Tips and Tricks: Daily QC

June 2017
Automating dose-response cell cycle analysis, Spotlight: Mark Gilbert on biopharmaceutical R&D, Tips and Tricks: Accuri Resources

May 2017
New white paper highlights life science applications, Spotlight: Ennio Tasciotti on nanomedicine, Tips and Tricks: White papers

April 2017
Immuno-oncology applications of personal flow cytometry, Spotlight: Dr. Benjamin J. Daniel, Tips and Tricks: BD Horizon GPS

March 2017
Cytokine analysis using BD™ CBA, Spotlight: BD Accuri™ product manager Mara Swaim, Tips and Tricks: Accuri C6 resources

February 2017
Advanced immunophenotyping, Spotlight: Studying tissue-resident memory T cells with Dr. Nu Zhang, Tips and Tricks: Use software templates to simplify and streamline acquisition and analysis

January 2017
Microbiology research with the BD Accuri C6 Plus, Spotlight: Water quality update, Tips and Tricks: Use BB515 to detect dim antigens



December 2016
Understanding and exploiting endogenous CRISPR-Cas systems, Spotlight: Mirko Corselli on testing the BD Accuri™ C6 Plus, Tips and Tricks: Use color gating to add visual contrast

November 2016
Molecular biology applications of personal flow cytometry, Tips and Tricks: Add test compounds during sampling

October 2016
T-cell activation and suppression, Tips and Tricks: Use FSC-H to visualize the forward scatter of large cells

September 2016
Stem cell research with the BD Accuri™ C6 Plus, Spotlight: Virginie Serpaggi on analyzing wine microorganisms, Tips and Tricks: Using MitoStatus dyes

August 2016
Cell and cancer biology studies on the BD Accuri™ C6 Plus, Spotlight: Connecting the dots between microbes, food safety, and flow cytometry, Tips and Tricks: Template compatibility

July 2016
Introducing the BD FACSMelody™ cell sorter, Spotlight: Chris Pepper on chronic lymphocytic leukemia, Tips and Tricks: Guest tip: Copy and paste data tables

June 2016
Personal flow cytometry across the life sciences, Spotlight: Cecile Marie Le Saint on sperm fragmentation, Tips and Tricks: The Compensation Calculator spreadsheet

May 2016
Combining cell migration and immunophenotyping, Spotlight: Yiyi Cao on genotoxicology, Tips and Tricks: Use single-stain compensation controls

April 2016
Immunophenotyping and cytokine analysis in the new BD Accuri™ C6 Plus system, Spotlight: Jamie Gossard on daylily ploidy, Tips and Tricks: Initial compensation values

March 2016
Introducing the BD Accuri™ C6 Plus system; Tips and Tricks: New gating options

February 2016
Mouse T- and B-Lymphocyte Kits and Templates, Spotlight: John W. Steele on Neurodegenerative Disease Models, Tips and Tricks: Assessing Bacterial Viability on Shared Instruments

January 2016
Characterizing and Analyzing Stem Cells, Spotlight: The View from BD Accuri R&D, Tips and Tricks: Use the Decision Tree to Multiplex Cell Function Assays



December 2015
Introducing the BD FACSCelesta™, Spotlight: High School STEM Education Update from Georgia Tech, Tips and Tricks: Use Both Lasers

November 2015
A Comprehensive View of the Cell, Spotlight: Detecting Viruses in Reclaimed Wastewater, Tips and Tricks: Exporting Data for Publication

October 2015
Analyzing Microbes, Spotlight: Thibault Andrieu on Core Facility Challenges, Tips and Tricks: Red DNA Dyes, Special Discount Extended

September 2015
Tumor Immunology, Spotlight: Tong Wang, Tips and Tricks: Detecting Apoptosis Using JC-1, Special Offer Continues

August 2015
Counting Bacteria, Spotlight: James Kremer on Plants and Pathogens, Tips and Tricks: Assessing Cell Cycle Using BrdU, Webinar: A Deeper Understanding of Cell Biology

July 2015
Choosing a Viability Dye, Spotlight: Ashok Kumar and Pawan Singh on Immune Responses to Eye Infections, Tips and Tricks: Attenuation Filters, Noteworthy: Special Discounts and Cell Biology Campaign

June 2015
A New Option for Detecting Fluorescent Proteins, Spotlight: Steve Woodard on High School STEM Education, Tips and Tricks: When to Use FVS to Exclude Dead Cells, Noteworthy: 30% Off Fixable Viability Stains

May 2015
Cancer Cell Biology, Spotlight: Chase Beisel on CRISPR-Cas Microbial Engineering, Tips and Tricks: Doublet Discrimination for Cell Cycle Analysis, Noteworthy: 30% Off Selected Cell Health Reagents

April 2015
Cancer Cell Cytokine Studies Using Flow Cytometry, Spotlight: Lee Karp-Boss on Phytoplankton Ecology in the Arctic, Tips and Tricks: Samples from Nature, Noteworthy: Special Offer Extended: Save Up to $12,000

March 2015
Integrating Flow Cytometry Into Education, Spotlight: Dorothee Bienzle on Diagnosing Veterinary Lymphomas, Tips and Tricks: Excluding Dead Cells From Analysis, Noteworthy: Join Us at AACR in Philadelphia

February 2015
Dose–Response Studies Using Flow Cytometry, Spotlight: David Ferguson on DNA Repair, Tips and Tricks: Annexin V Assays, Noteworthy: "Scientist in Chief" Meets Flow Cytometry

January 2015
Immunophenotyping Cancer Cells, Spotlight: Richard Simpson on Extraterrestrial Immunology, Tips and Tricks: Boolean Gating, Noteworthy: Save Up to $12,000



December 2014
Cell Biology Applications of Real-Time Flow Cytometry, Spotlight: Daniela Trisciuoglio on Cancer Epigenetics, Tips and Tricks: How to Select Fluorochromes, Noteworthy: Join Us on the Tour

November 2014
Assessing Apoptosis, DNA Damage, and Cell Proliferation, Spotlight: Yumin Hao on Cancer Susceptibility Genes, Tips and Tricks: Use Flow Cytometry for Cell Signaling Studies, Noteworthy: Special Price on PE-CF594

October 2014
Phenotyping Mesenchymal Stromal Cells, Spotlight: Dan Ye on Tumorigenesis, Tips and Tricks: Use Light Scatter to Gauge Cell Health, Noteworthy: Special Combined Value 10/40 Package

September 2014
Assessing Mitochondrial Membrane Potential, Spotlight: Advances in Real-Time Flow Cytometry, Tips and Tricks: When to Titrate Antibodies, Noteworthy: Webinar: Cell Biology Applications of Real-Time Flow Cytometry

August 2014
Assessing Stem Cell Pluripotency, Spotlight: Monitoring Marine Microbes, Tips and Tricks: Setup and Maintenance Videos, Noteworthy: Last Chance for Special Offers

July 2014
New Fixable and Calcein Viability Dyes, Spotlight: Emmy Verschuren on Building Cancer Models , Tips and Tricks: Use Blocking Reagents and Staining Buffers , Noteworthy: Special Offers Extended

June 2014
A Brighter Alternative to FITC, Spotlight: Yujie Liu on Cancer Stem Cells, Tips and Tricks: Use Isotype Controls, Noteworthy: Are Lower Prices Already in Your Basket?

May 2014
Analyzing Cytokines Using Intracellular Flow Cytometry, Spotlight: Making Cardiomyocytes from Stem Cells, Tips and Tricks: Setting Thresholds to Detect Small Particles, Noteworthy: BD Horizon™ Tour

April 2014
Assessing Cell Cycle and DNA Content, Spotlight: Christopher Jones on Platelet Dynamics, Tips and Tricks: Optimize the Forward Scatter Threshold, Noteworthy: Special Limited-Time Offers

March 2014
Identifying and Analyzing Regulatory T Cells, Spotlight: Frank Delvigne Discusses Online Bioprocess Monitoring, Tips and Tricks: When to Use Optional Filters, Noteworthy: Free Hands-On Training in San Diego Area

February 2014
Characterizing Naïve vs Memory T Cells, Spotlight: 40% Off Reagent Kits, Tips and Tricks: Use and Create Software Templates, Noteworthy: New Website Redesign

January 2014
Personal Flow Cytometry in Algal Biofuel Development, Spotlight: A Water Quality Test Bed in Singapore, Tips and Tricks: Use Tandem Dyes Carefully, Noteworthy: New Templates for BD Reagent Kits



December 2013
Multiplex Cytokine Assays with BD™ CBA, Spotlight: Byron Brehm-Stecher on Food Pathogens, Tips and Tricks: Use BD FACSelect™ to Design Multicolor Panels, Noteworthy: New BD Accuri™ C6 Brochure

November 2013
Multicolor Panel Design, Spotlight: Suzanne Turner on Cancer Stem Cells, Tips and Tricks: Use Light Scatter (and Fluorescence) to Identify Microbes, Noteworthy: New Color-Coded Reagent Packaging

October 2013
Bioprocess Monitoring with the BD Accuri C6, Spotlight: Jose Jimenez on Synthetic Biology, Tips and Tricks: Minimizing Spillover by Design, Noteworthy: Simplifying Complex Analyses

September 2013
Determining DNA Content of Plant (and Other) Tissues, Tips and Tricks: Give a Hoot—Don't Overdilute, Update on the Tara Oceans Expedition, Noteworthy: New Guidelines for Journal Authors

August 2013
Flow Cytometry in Aquatic Research, Tips and Tricks: Determining Cell Counts and Concentrations, Gemma Walton, PhD, and Sandra Tejero, PhD on Identifying the Microbes in Your Gut Interview

July 2013
Automating Personal Flow Cytometry, Tips and Tricks: Align Peaks with VirtualGain™, Ramón Mira de Orduña on Wine Microbiology Interview

June 2013
Cell Signaling Studies on the Benchtop, Tips and Tricks: Hidden in Plain Sight, Preserving Flow Cytometry in the Teaching Lab Interview

May 2013
Bringing Cell Analysis to the Benchtop, Tips and Tricks: Use Light Scatter, Preserving the Endangered Asian Elephant Interview

April 2013
Analyzing Small Particles, Tips and Tricks: Exporting to FlowJo™, Peeter Laas Interview

March 2013
Personal Flow Cytometry in Education, Tips and Tricks: Create Software Templates, Frederik Hammes Interview

February 2013
Drinking Water Quality, Tips and Tricks: Daily QC, Ian Dimmick Interview

January 2013
Creative Immunophenotyping, Tips and Tricks: Zoom Tool, Paul Harrison Interview, Noteworthy: Phagocytosis Sample Data



November 2012
Platelet Counting on the BD Accuri™ C6, Tips and Tricks: Starting Compensation Values, Accuri Special Offers Extended

October 2012
Rose Ann Cattolico and James Barker Interview, Apoptosis Detection on the BD Accuri™ C6, Tips and Tricks: Positive Controls

September 2012
Tim Bushnell Interview, Microbiology on the BD Accuri C6, Online Accuri C6 Documentation, Tips and Tricks: Decontaminate

August 2012
Jeffrey Buis Interview, Cell Cycle Analysis on the BD Accuri C6, Cell Counts and Concentrations on the BD Accuri C6, Tips and Tricks from Technical Support: Knowing When to Clean

July 2012
Christian Carson Interview, Characterizing Stem Cells on the BD Accuri™ C6, Tips and Tricks from Technical Support: Avoid Sample Clumping, BD Biosciences Research Grants

May 2012
Trent Colville Interview, Analyze Multiple Proteins with BD™ Cytometric Bead Array Kits and Flex Sets, Selectable Lasers Module

April 2012
Tim Overton Interview, Bioprocess Monitoring with the BD Accuri™ C6 Flow Cytometer

March 2012
Timothy Cooper Interview, Studying Gene Expression with the BD Accuri™ C6 Flow Cytometer, Monitoring Stem Cell Potency, Differentiation, and Cycle Status

February 2012
Alfonso Blanco-Fernández Interview, Continuous Measurement of Intracellular Calcium on the BD Accuri™ C6 Flow Cytometer, Baculovirus Titration with the BD Accuri™ C6

January 2012
David Galbraith Interview, Studying Plant DNA and Ploidy with the BD Accuri™ C6 Flow Cytometer, BD™ DNA QC Particles on the BD Accuri™ C6, BD Accuri Applications



December 2011
Detecting GFP and Other Fluorescent Proteins with the BD Accuri™ C6, Optional Filters Enhance Detection of Fluorescent Proteins

November 2011
Message from Collin Rich, BD Biosciences Research Grant Program, Monocyte/NK Activation Assay using the BD Accuri™ C6, More than 90 High Quality Kits for the BD Accuri™ C6

October 2011
Tim Bushnell Interview, You Can Take it with You: The BD Accuri™ C6 for Marine Studies, Stem Cell Application: Pluripotent Stem Cell Analysis Using the BD Accuri™ C6, BD Accuri™ C6 Consumables Now Available Online

September 2011
Message from Clare Rogers, Apoptosis Assays on the BD Accuri™ C6 Flow Cytometer, BD Accuri™ C6 Software and BD CSampler™ Software Update

August 2011
Message from Steve Chipchase, Simplified CD4+ T-Cell Phenotyping—From Setup to Results, Multicolor Flow Cytometry Webinar for BD Accuri™ C6 Users, BD FACSelect™ Multicolor Panel Designer—Easy as 1, 2, 3, More than 90 High Quality Multicolor Reagent Kits for Your BD Accuri™ C6

July 2011
Message from Jay Glasscock, Predicting How Phytoplankton Ecosystems Affect and Will be Affected by Climate Change, Tools to Support Reagent Selection and Multicolor Panel Design, 2011 Creativity Award Winners