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BD Biosciences offers a variety of training courses for all learners, from novices to advanced cytometrists. View our fundamental training courses for an introduction to flow cytometry and techniques. Our product training offers instrument and application courses to help you take full advantage of the capabilities of BD products. Advanced topics training courses provide a deep dive into flow cytometry theory, applications and techniques. Choose the training you want to fit your current needs.


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Flow Cytometry Basics Training

The flow cytometry basics training section contains introductory flow cytometry educational material. Here, you will find the introduction series with eLearning modules to get you started on your flow cytometry journey. The material in the fundamentals training section is not product specific and will apply to most flow cytometers currently available. These courses are designed  to provide a solid foundation for your next steps.

Our team has assembled a list of additional fundamental content flow cytometry training resources to help you learn more. This list includes videos, protocols and additional content that will help build your flow cytometry knowledge expertise.

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Flow Cytometer Product Training

The product training section links you to educational material grouped by product type. Here, you will find our instructor-led training courses, self-paced eLearning, videos and other product resources and training material specific to your BD flow cytometer. These courses are designed to help you operate your flow cytometer.

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Flow Cytometry Advanced Topics Training

The advanced topics training section links you to advanced flow cytometry applications training courses. Build your expertise of flow cytometry theory, applications and techniques with hands-on and eLearning courses. These courses are designed to enhance your knowledge and skills of advanced flow cytometry topics and applications.

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