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The BD® Remote Assist Software Solution offers remote access to BD enabled flow cytometers that are installed in your institution. By using this solution, your team can quickly access BD flow cytometers remotely at all times across an encrypted connection. With the BD® Remote Assist Solution, laboratory staff such as lab managers can authorize instrument access and assist in troubleshooting. Lab directors can view reports and lab technicians can log in remotely to a BD instrument to monitor instrument status when they are away from the lab. This can improve workflow efficiency for the entire team at all levels.



With the BD® Remote Assist Software Solution, you can:

  • Provide access/visibility into instrument from a remote location for true walk-away monitoring
  • Collaborate with remote coworkers for instrument or analysis support
  • Monitor multiple instruments at any location simultaneously
  • Support multiple labs or facilities at the same time


View the BD® Remote Assist Solution Product Information Sheet.