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The wide range of training options for your BD FACSMelody™ Cell Sorter includes hands-on instructor-led training as well as self-paced e-Learning and product resources. No matter your preferred style of learning, we have training options to help you make the most of your scientific endeavors.


Self-Paced Training
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View our self-paced e-Learning to learn more about your instrument and software. Most of our courses begin with an introduction to the topic and end with a short quiz to check your knowledge.

BD FACSMelody™ Cell Sorter Overview Course


This course will introduce you to the BD FACSMelody™ Cell Sorter and BD FACSChorus™ Software. By the end of this course, you will be able to:

  • Describe the main instrument components and software windows and their functions

  • Describe how to carry out the startup and shutdown procedures

  • Explain how to set up an experiment and sort

Instructor-Led Training
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Our operator training courses are designed to quickly get you up and running on your instrument. Our courses are delivered in small class sizes with a 2-to-1 ratio of learners-to-instrument to provide plenty of hands-on time and opportunity to get comfortable with the day-to-day operation of the software and cytometer.

BD FACSMelody™ Cell Sorter Operator Training Courses


This course provides you with the practical knowledge and skills to acquire and analyze multicolor data and perform maintenance tasks. 

In this class, you will learn:

  • General principles of flow cytometry and sorting

  • Cytometer operation, maintenance and troubleshooting common hardware and software issues

  • Compensation, data acquisition and analysis, and data management using BD FACSChorus™ Software

  • Instrument setup and sorting in standard conditions

  • Tube and plate sorting, including index sorting

Target Audience: New operators or operators who have not had formal training on this cytometer. 

Prerequisites: None

Want to attend a class? Click Request Course to complete the training request form to attend a training class at one of the following locations.


Training at your location

Training delivered at your lab for up to two people following the standard course as outlined above.

Location: At your lab

Duration: 1 day

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Training virtually at your location


Training delivered online through a web conferencing application. This training will use the instrument and software in your lab.

Location: Online 

Duration: 1 day

A one-hour orientation will be conducted several weeks prior to the scheduled class.

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Custom training at your site


Pre-arrange with the instructor the topics and number of training days needed. Choose the topics for your training from a list of available training topics.

To get the most out of training, hands-on practice is limited to a maximum of two participants for the training session. 

If more than two participants require hands-on training, purchase additional days of training. Instructor travel and lodging are included in the per-day price. Training is also available virtually.

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Training Resources
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Getting Started

Learn how to turn on the system, check the fluid tanks and load a sample.


System Startup

Learn how to run a daily fluidics startup, insert the sort nozzle and run a cytometer setup with drop delay.


Design Experiment

Learn how to use the Design Experiment tab as the first step to define your sort experiment parameters.


View Data

Learn how to use the View Data tab to determine the layout of experiment data including optimizing threshold and scatter settings of a sort sample and collecting a pre-sort data file.


Set Up and Sort

Learn how to set up and perform a sort, then, view and export the report for each sort operation.


Daily Shutdown

Learn how to perform a daily shutdown to clean the sample path and how to prepare the flow cell for a shutdown.


Loading the Collection Devices

Learn how to set up and load a tube holder, as well as a plate on the automated stage.


Performing an Index Sort

Learn how to set up and complete an index sort.


Updating Compensation

Learn how to update compensation in BD FACSChorus™ Software using your own controls for your experiment.




Aligning the Waste Aspirator Drawer

Learn how to align the waste aspirator drawer to the stream.


Cleaning the Flow Cell

Learn how to perform a flow cell clean, as well as an optional flow cell scrubbing procedure.


Cleaning the Nozzles

Learn how to clean the sort nozzle and the closed-loop nozzle.


Cleaning the Deflection Plates

Learn how to remove and clean the deflection plates.


Cleaning Laser and Camera Windows

Learn when and how to clean the strobe lens window, upper camera window, the Accudrop laser window and lower camera window.


Changing the Fluid Filter

Learn how to change a fluid filter and prepare a new filter to prevent bubble formation.


Preparing for an Aseptic Sort - 1 Tank Method

Learn how to clean your entire system of any potential contaminants in preparation for an aseptic sort using the provided sheath tank.


Preparing for an Aseptic Sort - 2 Tank Method

Learn how to clean the system of any potential contaminants in preparation for an aseptic sort using the two-tank method.


Aligning the Automated Stage

Learn how to properly check, adjust, confirm and test alignment to ensure each sorted drop falls into the exact center of each well or slide.


Replacing the Sample Line

Learn when and how to replace the sample line to prevent clogging.


For Research Use Only. Not for use in diagnostic or therapeutic procedures.

BD Flow Cytometers are Class 1 Laser Products.