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BD’s History & Leadership

Our Leadership in Research Cell Analyzers

BD Biosciences is a leader in providing cell analyzers for various research purposes.

From simple, highly accessible personal flow cytometers that can be used on a routine basis in a wide range of applications to highly advanced, high-parameter cell analyzers to resolve and analyze rare cell populations and distinctive phenotypes in a heterogeneous cell population, we offer a broad portfolio of flow cytometers for your research needs. 

The operational simplicity of our BD Accuri™ C6 Plus Cell Analyzer has made it accessible to both new users and trained researchers. The widely used BD Accuri™ System supports a broad array of applications including immunology, cell biology, cancer research, biofuels development and many more.



Our BD FACSymphony™ Cell Analyzers leverage the benefits of high-parameter flow cytometry for simultaneous measurements, depending on the system, of up to 30 or up to 50 different characteristics of a single cell, enabling broad or deep phenotyping in a single sample.

The next-generation BD FACSLyric™ Research Cell Analyzer provides accurate, reliable and repeatable results, workflow automation and standardization across instruments and sites.

Our cell analyzers are backed by more than 40 years of expert training, service and support. We continue to innovate through our partnership and collaboration with you.

BD Biosciences also offers Clinical Cell Analyzers that offer automation, standardization and clinical performance for use in diagnostic and clinical research. You can also find Research Cell Sorters to rapidly sort your cells for various research applications.



For Research Use Only. Not for use in diagnostic or therapeutic procedures.

Class 1 Laser Product.