BD special order analyzers offer the most advanced and flexible features available for multicolor research. To support advanced assay development, BD special order analyzers deliver the latest in laser technology to researchers with an unrivaled range of color, wavelength, and power choices.

Evolving capabilities to meet changing requirements

Innovative laser options for special order analyzers include the choice of solid state lasers across the full spectrum ranging from ultraviolet to infrared wavelengths. To take advantage of evolving technologies or changing requirements, special order product customers can add new lasers as needs arise, expanding the level of flexibility and making a BD analyzer purchase a solid, long-term investment.

The special order BD LSRFortessa analyzer

The special order BD LSRFortessa™ cell analyzer has the capacity to support up to 5 lasers and has 30 positional choices for the selection of detectors. It can be designed to meet the multicolor analysis needs of complex experiments that may require a specific combination of unique lasers, detectors, and filters.

The lasers for the special order BD LSRFortessa analyzer may be chosen from more than 11 laser wavelengths and multiple power options for maximum flexibility.

The special order BD LSRFortessa analyzer can detect up to 18 colors simultaneously and can be upgraded later with additional or new lasers from BD as future requirements dictate. In addition to the reduced size, design enhancements allow for easier access to bandpass filters and mirrors, simplifying changes to experiment setup.

Forward scatter PMT option

The special order program offers a Forward Scatter (FSC) PMT Option that complements small particle scatter detection. This option lowers the threshold on size measurements, which is particularly valuable for microbiology applications.

An innovation process

A vigorous pursuit of the latest and best laser technologies ensures an unparalleled range of configuration choices offered by the BD special order program for BD LSR analyzers. New technologies are regularly incorporated into the product line as soon as they become available.

The ever-expanding list of available lasers demonstrates BD’s ongoing commitment to perpetual innovation. This is one of the many ways BD ensures that the BD LSR analyzer platform continues to support evolving needs.

Getting started

Your BD Sales Representative is your point of contact to discuss a special order product for your lab. Together with an engineer from the Special Order team they will follow a structured process to define, design, and manufacture an instrument that exactly matches your requirements. Strict manufacturing controls are in place to ensure high-quality outcomes.