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Since 1915, BD has been developing peptones for use in cell culture applications. Today, we have taken the same expertise you have come to depend on from our BD Difco™ and BD Bacto™ products and designed new peptones from a variety of different biological sources.

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BD Peptone Preview Pak for mammalian cell culture applications

Featured in an easy-to-test pack, our new pea, wheat, cotton, soy and yeast peptones, provide unique nutritional profiles compared to other current cell culture supplements in the market today.

BD™ Pea 100 UF

BD Pea 100 UF is an ultrafiltered peptone digested to enhance nucleoside and free amino acid content. The high total amino acid content and low carbohydrate content in BD Pea 100 UF are similar to many high-performance animal-origin peptones used in serum replacement. Additionally, BD Pea 100 UF can be used as an alternative for processes sensitive to soy-based peptones.

BD™ Wheat 100 UF

BD Wheat 100 UF, an ultrafiltered supplement, is a good source of glutamine, which makes it ideal for mammalian cell culture applications. The glutamine found in BD Wheat 100 UF is associated with peptides, making it a stable source, which minimizes the ammonia generation compared to the addition of free glutamine in cell culture media. BD Wheat 100 UF is digested for enhanced peptide content resulting in a low concentration of free amino acids and carbohydrates.

BD™ Cotton 100 UF

BD Cotton 100 UF, rich in nucleoside content and digested to enhance peptide content, is processed to provide higher concentrations of vitamins, which can help to maintain titers for mammalian cell culture applications.

BD™ Cotton 200 UF

Ultrafiltered, rich in nucleoside content, BD Cotton 200 UF is processed to enhance carbohydrate concentrations, which is important for some mammalian protein glycosylation processes.

BD™ Yeast 100

BD Yeast 100 is designed to enhance content of vitamins and other key nutritional components found in yeast. It is intended for nutritional supplementation for mammalian, microbial and insect cell culture. It is a versatile supplement that enhances growth and production characteristics.

BD Yeast 100 is an ideal peptone to blend with wheat, pea, cotton or soy peptones for supplementation to enhance protein production.

BD™ Soy 100

A highly digested soy protein peptone, BD Soy 100 is high in nucleosides and free amino acid content. Additionally, BD Soy 100 has high concentrations of vitamins and carbohydrates and is recommended for a wide variety of mammalian cell culture applications.

BD Peptone Preview Pak supplements are non-GMP prototypes in the BD Preview Series.
Larger quantities are available through BD Custom Products Services.