The BD Biosciences Webinar Series is an ongoing, informative program in which senior scientists, professionals in the community, and clinicians present online seminars covering a broad range of topics.

Power of Transformation Webinar Series

Minimal residual disease quantification of acute lymphoblastic leukemia by high-resolution multicolor flow cytometry

Dr. Matthias Ritgen
Senior Physician Clinic for Internal Medicine II – Hematology and Oncology University Clinic SH Campus Kiel, Kiel, Germany

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Impact of Standardized 8-color EuroFlow™ Protocols on the Diagnostic Accuracy of Acute Leukemias

Dr. Rafik Terra, PhD
Scientific Director, Special Hematology Department, Maisonneuve‐Rosemont Hospital (CHUM), Montréal, Quebec

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Transforming Flow Cytometry in the HLA laboratory: A discussion with Robert Bray, PhD, and Massimo Mangiola, PhD

Dr. Robert A. Bray, PhD
Co-Director Histocompatibility & Molecular Immunogenetics Laboratory Emory University Hospital

Dr. Massimo Mangiola, PhD
Assistant Professor of Pathology Assistant Director Histocompatibility Laboratory University of Pittsburgh Medical Center (UPMC)

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10-Color B-Cell Screening

Dr. Joseph DiGiuseppe, MD
Director of Hematopathology and Special Hematology Laboratory at Hartford Hospital

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