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With the introduction of the next generation personal flow cytometer, the BD Accuri™ C6 Plus, sales of BD Accuri™ C6 instruments are being discontinued globally. BD is absolutely committed to supporting your needs by providing best-in-class service and support to BD Accuri™ products. Current warranties will not be affected and will be supported until they expire. Service and support, as well as product options and accessories, will be available for purchase and provided by BD as usual and without compromise. For more information, please see below.

Supports cell analysis for up to six parameters

The BD Accuri C6 makes the analytical power of flow cytometry more accessible with ease-of-use and affordability. Its compact footprint and transportable weight make it a valuable personal use tool for both novice and experienced researchers who want a cytometer to be easily available when and where they need it. The system features an intuitive software interface, software templates, and reagent kits that guide users new to flow cytometry through workflows for popular applications.



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  • Analyzing Data Collected on the BD Accuri™ C6 Using FlowJo™  PDF | Video
  • Cell and Platelet Counting Using the BD Accuri™ C6 Flow Cytometer  PDF
  • Cell Biology Applications of Real-Time Flow Cytometry  PDF | Video
  • Enabling a Deeper Understanding of What is on, in, and Made by the Cell   PDF | Video
  • Flow Cytometry Applications in Cell Biology and Cancer Research  PDF | Video
  • Flow Cytometry as a Tool for Microbial Analysis   PDF | Video
  • Integrating Flow Cytometry into Education   PDF | Video


Download the catalog of available kits and templates, or select from the following table.

Category Product Information Sheet Brand Kit Cat. No. Template
Cancer and Cell Biology BD Apoptosis Kits and Templates BD Pharmingen™ Annexin V FITC Apoptosis Detection Kit II 556570 Download
BD Pharmingen™ Annexin V PE Apoptosis Detection Kit I 559763 Download
BD™ MitoScreen (JC-1) Kit 551302 Download
BD Pharmingen™ Caspase-3 PE Assay Kit 550914 Download
BD Pharmingen™ Caspase-3 FITC Assay Kit 550480 Download
BD Apoptosis, DNA Damage and Cell Proliferation Kit and Template BD Pharmingen™ Apoptosis, DNA Damage and Cell Proliferation Kit 562253 Download
BD Cell Cycle and DNA Kits and Templates
BD Cycletest™ Plus DNA Reagent Kit 340242 Download
BD Pharmingen™ FITC BrdU Flow Kit 559619 Download
BD Pharmingen™ APC BrdU Flow Kit 552598 Download
Category Product Information Sheet Brand Kit Cat. No. Template
Immunology BD Naïve/Memory T-Cell Kits and Templates BD Multitest™ CD45RA/CD45RO/CD3/CD4 340571 Download
BD Multitest™ CD45RA/CD62L/CD3/CD4 340977 Download
BD Pharmingen™ Human Naïve/Memory T Cell Panel 561438 Download
BD Intracellular T-Cell Kits and Templates
BD Pharmingen™ Th1/Th2/Th17 Phenotyping Kit 560751 Download
BD FastImmune™ IFN-γ/CD69/CD8/CD3 Kit 346048 Download
BD FastImmune™ IFN-γ/IL-4 Kit 340456 Download
BD Regulatory T-Cell Kits and Templates
BD Pharmingen™ Human Regulatory T Cell Cocktail 560249 Download
BD Pharmingen™ Human Th17/Treg Phenotyping Kit 560762 Download
BD Pharmingen™ FoxP3 Staining Kit 560132 Download
BD Mouse B-Lymphocyte Kits and Templates
BD Pharmingen™ Mouse B-Lymphocyte Subset Antibody Cocktail 558332 Download
BD Pharmingen™ Mouse B-Lymphocyte Activation Antibody Cocktail 558063 Download
BD Mouse T-Cell Cytokine and Treg Kits and Templates
BD Pharmingen™ Mouse Th1/Th2/Th17 Phenotyping Kit 560758 Download
BD Pharmingen™ Mouse Th17/Treg Phenotyping Kit 560767 Download
BD Mouse T-Lymphocyte Kits and Templates
BD Pharmingen™ Mouse T-Lymphocyte Subset Antibody Cocktail 558431 Download
BD Pharmingen™ Mouse T-Lymphocyte Activation Antibody Cocktail 557908 Download
Category Product Information Sheet Brand Kit Cat. No. Template
Stem Cells BD Pluripotent Stem Cell Kits and Templates BD Stemflow™ Human Pluripotent Stem Cell Sorting and Analysis Kit 560461 Download
BD Stemflow™ Human Pluripotent Stem Cell Transcription Factor Analysis Kit 560589 Download
BD Stemflow™ Human and Mouse Pluripotent Stem Cell Analysis Kit 560477 Download
BD Induced Pluripotent Stem Cell Kit and Template BD Stemflow™ Human iPSC Sorting and Analysis Kit 562626 Download
BD Human Mesenchymal Stromal Cell Kit and Template BD Stemflow™ Human MSC Analysis Kit 562245 Download
Category Product Information Sheet Brand Kit Cat. No. Template
Bead-Based Assays BD™ Cytometric Bead Array (CBA) Reagents BD™ CBA Kits See Kits Download
BD™ CBA Flex Sets See Flex Sets Download
Category Product Information Sheet Brand Kit Cat. No. Template
Microbiology BD Accuri™ C6 Eawag Water Quality Template BD Accuri™ Eawag Water Quality Template Download
Category Product Information Sheet Brand Kit Cat. No. Template
Instrument Setup BD Accuri™ C6 Software User Guide BD Accuri™ 8 and 6 Peak Bead Template 653144
BD Accuri™ 8 and 6 Peak Bead Template 24-tube Rack 653144

Once you have downloaded a template, select File > Open Workspace or Template and open it. Gate positions, zoom level, thresholds, and compensation, run, and fluidics settings are all fully adjustable and may require optimization for different sample types. Once the settings are optimized for your experiment, click Run to begin data acquisition.

Note: The linked templates on this page are provided for the convenience of our research customers. Although they have not been validated, they have been used by BD or our customers to generate the sample data in the product information sheets and on the Sample Data tab. The templates have been designed using the current BD Accuri C6 software, version 264.21. They are not compatible with version 172.9, 227.4, or 202.8 software. Further optimization may be required before use, and it is the end user's responsibility to ensure that use of the template is appropriate to his or her research.

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