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50 Years of Advancing Cancer Research, One Cell at a Time

Sorting populations of interest for downstream assays, transcriptomic analysis or in vivo assessment brings multifaceted views of your biological system. Join us at Booth #1441 to discover single-cell tools to support your cancer research.

With a commitment to true innovation in the field of flow cytometry and single-cell analysis, we will be featuring the BD FACSDiscover S8 Cell Sorter, the first real-time imaging, spectral flow cytometer and the BD RhapsodyHT Single-Cell Analysis System.



New Product Launches

Come learn about our new products launching in April 2024


  • BD Rhapsody ATAC-Seq Assay: Multiomic assay to support your single-cell epigenomics studies
  • BD Rhapsody TCR/BCR Next Multiomic Assay: Our next generation, high performing immune profiling assay to support your single-cell immunology experiments

Not able to attend the show or want a sneak peak of our new assays? Connect with a single-cell multiomics specialist today

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Sunday, April 7  |  1:30 pm - 5:00 pm


Track(s): Molecular/Cellular Biology and Genetics, Cancer Evolution

Location: Section 14

Poster #333:
Stability and performance of a partially used BD Rhapsody™ 8-Lane Cartridge on single-cell capture and immune response profiling | Download


Ricelle Acob, BD Biosciences

Poster #334:
Flexible and high-throughput microwell-based single-cell capture for multiomic ATAC-seq and RNA-seq profiling | Download


Rosary Nguyen, BD Biosciences

Poster #335: 
BD® OMICS-Guard Sample Preservation Buffer preserves mRNA and cell surface epitopes for single-cell sequencing applications | Download


Samuel Shi, BD Biosciences



Monday, April 8  |  3:00 pm - 4:00 pm 

Spotlight Theater D


New era in single-cell discovery: Using a single-cell multiomics–based ATAC-seq assay and BD SpectralFX Technology image-based sorting to study the interplay between molecular and cellular dynamics in T cell activation


Single-cell multiomics, when combined with multimodal profiling, can unleash new insights about underlying immune responses. Harnessing this innovative approach, we undertook an in-depth study deciphering T cell functional phenotyping using spectral image-enabled cell sorting followed by single-cell epigenomic analyses covering whole transcriptome sequencing and in-depth characterization of the chromatin landscape using an ATAC-seq assay. In analyzing ~200,000 T cells sorted from an in vitro model of T cell activation, we have now compiled in-depth molecular and cellular dynamics data unveiling novel insights about T cell activation and biology.


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Tuesday, April 9  |  9:00 am - 12:30 pm


Poster #3984:
Full-length TCR and BCR repertoire analysis, integrated with mRNA and surface proteins characterization, in a tumor mouse model | Download


Ali Rezvan, BD Biosciences

Track: Immunology


Location: Section 1


Poster #4956:
A fast and efficient bioinformatics analysis workflow for processing reads from single-cell multiomics assays | Download


Raghavendra Padmanabhan, BD Biosciences

Track(s): Bioinformatics / Computational Biology / Systems Biology / Convergent Science


Location: Section 37

Poster # LB291:
High-plexy intracellular and surface CITE-Seq with BD® AbSeq Assay offers multiomics insights into cell function | Download


Tracy Campbell, BD Biosciences

Track(s): Molecular/Cellular Biology and Genetics


Location: Section 53


Moen Sen, PhD.
Moen Sen, PhD

Sr. Scientist

BD Biosciences

Hye-Won Song, PhD
Hye-Won Song, PhD

Sr. Staff Scientist

BD Biosciences

BD Biosciences at AACR 2024

Apr 07 - 09, 2024 | 09:00 a.m. - 05:00 p.m.