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Highlights of BD at CYTO 2022

In June, we invited you to join us at CYTO 2022 to learn how we are shaping the future of flow cytometry. We showcased a few of our latest innovations and unveiled new instruments, reagents and software at the event.

In case you missed us at the booth, here are some short videos describing the latest innovative offerings that we unveiled at CYTO.





  • CYTO 2022 Overview: Quick recap from our BD Biosciences worldwide president, Puneet Sarin.

  • CYTO 2022 Research Reagents: We debuted our new line of laser-specific fluorochromes—BD Horizon RealYellow™ and RealBlue™ Reagents.

  • CYTO 2022 Research Instruments: We debuted the BD FACSDiscover™ S8 Cell Sorter with BD CellView™ Image Technology, the first spectral sorter with sort-capable image analysis.

  • CYTO 2022 Informatics Software: Listen to John Quinn, director of science and product development, and discover how FlowJo™ Software can help shape the future of flow cytometry analysis.


For Research Use Only. Not for use in diagnostic or therapeutic procedures.