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The BD Horizon Brilliant™ Violet Reagent Portfolio and ASR Specificities for the Red and Blue Lasers Have Expanded.

BD continues to expand the analyte specific reagents (ASRs) portfolio, including the largest1 number of ASRs for use with the violet laser. Now we are increasing the BD Horizon Brilliant™ Violet ASR offering as well as adding new ASR specificities for the red and blue lasers.


  • Expanded BD Horizon Brilliant™ Violet ASR portfolio increases flexibility for your multicolor panel designs. For use with flow cytometers that have violet lasers (405 nm).
  •  New specificities offer support for additional biological information on expanded clinical panels.


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New ASRs

The following BD Horizon Brilliant™ ASRs are now available for consistency, brightness and channel flexibility.



Description Clone ASR Cat. No.
CD138 BV421 MI15 663984
CD30 BV421 BerH8 665128
CD194 BV421 1G1 665128
CD196 BV421 11A9 665130
CD279 BV421 MIH4 665131
CD5 BV510 L17F12 665132
CD40 BV605 5C3 665133
CD81 BV605 JS-81 665134
CD294 BV605 BM16 665135
CD366 BV605 7D3 665136
CD27 BV510 O323 665416
CD42b PE HIP1 665116
CD152 PE BNI3 665117
CD183 PE-Cy7 1C6/CXCR3 665118
CD185 APC RF8B2 665119
CD197 APC-R700 2-L1-A 665120
CD223 PerCP-Cy5.5 T47-530 665121
CD274 PE-Cy7 MIH1 665123
CD279 PE-Cy7 MIH4 665124
FoxP3 PE 236A/E7 665125
FoxP3 PerCP-Cy5.5 236A/E7 665126
Ki-67 FITC B56 665127
CD194 BV421 1G1 665129
CD196 BV421 11A9 665130
CD279 BV421 MIH4 665131
CD40 BV605 5C3 665133
CD294 BV605 BM16 665135
CD366 BV605 7D3 665136

Analyte Specific Reagent. Analytical and performance characteristics are not established.

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