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Webinar: Ask the Experts – Addressing Challenges in a New era of Flow Cytometry

Addressing challenges in a new era of flow cytometry—A webinar by experts

How, when and why should isotype controls be included in flow cytometry experiments? What are some key strategies in flow cytometry panel design? Is spectral flow cytometry the future and will it replace traditional flow cytometry? Do you wish to get answers to these questions and gain key insights into the challenges in flow cytometry? If so, don’t miss this webinar!


Organized by SelectScience and BD, this Ask the Experts webinar provides answers to many burning questions in the complex science of flow cytometry. Featuring discussions on correct sample preparation, panel design and compensation, and the process of putting together a flow cytometry experiment, this webinar by experts will equip you with a good set of tools to start your journey into the world of flow.


The experts who share their experiences in this webinar are:

  •  Jodi L Kroeger, Flow Cytometry Core Facility Manager, U.S.
  • William Telford, Head of ETIB Flow Cytometry Facility, National Cancer Institute, U.S.
  • Derek Davies, National STP Training Lead, U.K.
  • Bob Balderas, VP Biological Sciences and VP Market Development, BD Biosciences, U.S.
  • Mirko Corselli, Global Scientific Content Manager, BD Biosciences, U.S.


The webinar was hosted by Charlie Carter, Associate Editor, SelectScience.

Watch the “Ask the Experts: Addressing challenges in a new era of flow cytometry” webinar