BD FACSCalibur™

Modular analyzer with rich application base

The BD FACSCalibur™ platform allows users to perform both cell analysis and cell sorting in a single benchtop system. The system supports a variety of research and clinical applications and is complemented by a broad suite of intuitive software solutions to streamline analysis for a wide range of applications including enumeration of lymphocyte subsets, stem cells, residual white blood cells and reticulocytes.

After supporting the BD FACSCalibur's long and successful tenure in the marketplace, BD Biosciences has made the difficult decision to stop selling the BD FACSCalibur instruments, options and upgrades. Find out more about newer technologies available to you.

System Controls & Analysis Applications Options

The BD FACSCalibur™, a fully integrated, multiparameter system, offers the performance and sensitivity needed to ensure the objective and reproducible results vital to laboratories.

Flow cytometry has evolved rapidly to incorporate the use of multiple fluorochromes to effectively identify and isolate, with an optional sorting module,* subset populations from a single sample. This maximizes the information gained from limited amounts of sample and makes assays more cost-effective. 

Its optical design, sample handling options, and sorting capabilities make the BD FACSCalibur™ system a valued tool throughout the world for routine cell analysis, assay development, verification, and isolation of cellular populations of interest.

Optical path configuration

The BD FACSCalibur was the first system to provide standard multicolor analysis capabilities by incorporating an alignment-free optical design, interbeam compensation, and dual-laser technology.

Features Optics - Optical Path

BD FACSCalibur Optical Path Configuration

Dual-laser design for multicolor analysis

A dual-laser design provides the flexibility and sensitivity needed for multicolor analysis on the BD FACSCalibur system. Two lasers—an air-cooled argon laser and a red diode laser—are spatially separated for high sensitivity, minimal need for compensation, and flexibility in fluorochrome selection.

Features Optics - Dual Laser

BD FACSCalibur Optical Bench

The BD FACSCalibur™ delivers results with powerful, easy-to-use data management and comprehensive quality assurance.

Data management

The BD FACSCalibur™ system is appreciated for its user-friendly design, high sample throughput, improved workflow management through automation, and simple yet sophisticated software applications that enhance routine analyses.

While performing any of a wide range of supported applications, the BD FACSCalibur system provides the tools to obtain results quickly, easily, and accurately.

The ease of use of the BD FACSCalibur system is enhanced by the BD FACStation™ data management system, which has become one of the most popular, user-friendly data management systems in flow cytometry. The BD FACStation system automates many software functions and delivers high-performance acquisition and analysis tools for creating plots, gating, statistical analysis, and reporting.

The BD FACStation workstation takes advantage of the intuitive Mac® environment by using simple pull-down menus and icons. It performs all the computing tasks required for fast, accurate results, including instrument setup, data collection, analysis, and management.

A comprehensive quality assurance system

BD Biosciences offers a complete family of products designed to ensure the highest quality clinical results from the BD FACSCalibur system. BD FACSComp™ software, in conjunction with BD Calibrite™ beads, provides a comprehensive system to set up the instrument, assess sensitivity, and set compensation for immunofluorescence applications. For clinical applications, BD Biosciences offers a wide variety of cellular controls to verify performance for immunophenotyping, reticulocyte analysis, stem cell enumeration, and rWBC applications.

The BD FACSCalibur flow cytometer provides flexibility to support a wide variety of research and clinical applications.

Rare event analysis*

Efficient residual white blood cell enumeration

Accurate absolute counts with BD Trucount technology

DNA analysis*

BD Cytometric Bead Array assays*


Sample introduction productivity can be gained with the optional BD FACS™ Loader or the BD™ High Throughput Sampler (HTS).

The BD FACS Loader is an instrument option that allows walkaway sample introduction to further improve productivity. The BD FACS Loader carousel accommodates up to forty 12 x 75-mm tubes and automatically loads them on the BD FACSCalibur™ system without operator intervention.

BD™ High Throughput Sampler (HTS) option*

To improve experimental workflow in research applications, the optional BD™ High Throughput Sampler (HTS) provides rapid, fully automated sample acquisition from 96- and 384-well microtiter plates. In high-throughput mode, the HTS option can speed through a 96-well plate in fewer than 15 minutes† with less than 0.5% sample carryover from one well to the next. Low carryover is essential in research applications to ensure sample purity and data integrity.

Fast acquisition speed is achieved by synchronizing two high-precision pumps for sample mixing, sample injection, and probe washing. Standard throughput mode can be selected for acquisition of larger sample volumes.

BD™ Plate Manager software allows you to create customized protocols with user-defined mixing, wash, and analysis parameters that can be reused.

BD FACS™ Loader Option

The BD FACS™ Loader option available for the BD FACSCalibur system provides walkaway automation for routine applications. Featuring a removable 40-tube carousel, on-board mixing, and BD™ Worklist Manager software, the BD FACS Loader option offers superior flexibility to efficiently address the workflow demands of the busy laboratory.

Barcode Reader

The optional BD FACSCalibur desktop barcode reader reads one-dimensional barcode labels.

Unique, easy-to-use sorting technology (optional)*

For In Vitro Diagnostic use.
Class 1 Laser Product.

Mac is a registered trademark of Apple, Computer Inc.

* Some options and applications are for Research Use Only. Not for use in diagnostic or therapeutic procedures.

† Based on a 2-second sample acquisition.

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