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Welcome to the future of oncohematology and immunology clinical research with BD Biosciences, offering an extensive range of cutting-edge reagents designed to elevate your research. BD Cytognos brings a commercialized approach to standardization of multicolor flow cytometry. BD Cytognos™ collaborates actively with the EuroFlow™ consortium implementing and bringing the Next Generation Flow™ approach onto the market, which provides highly sensitive RUO flow cytometry hematological malignancy, minimal residual disease and primary immunodeficiencies assays for clinical research. From this portfolio we have leveraged ASR and RUO offerings of both single-color reagents and pre-defined kit solutions (RUO) in the U.S.

Explore our integrated BD Cytognos Reagent portfolio to enhance your clinical research capabilities.

Single-Color Antibodies (ASR)

Antigen-specific reagents (ASRs) that provide flexibility and consistency for lab-defined panels. Expand your marker, clone and format capabilities with options such as APC-C750 and multi-epitope CD38. 

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Multicolor Cocktails and Kits (RUO)

Unit-sized preformulated RUO multicolor panels for blood cancer minimal residual disease and immune assessment clinical research. Standardize your approach to discrimination of normal and abnormal plasma cells with the Multiple Myeloma Minimal Residual Disease Panel (MM-MRD) RUO kit, immune assessment with the Primary Immunodeficiency Orientation Tube (PIDOT) RUO kit and more. 

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Controls and Supporting Reagents (RUO)

Standard and specialized bulk lysis buffers required for various lysing applications. 

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Single-Color Antibodies (RUO)

A variety of monoclonal and polyclonal antibodies in multiple formats are available providing flexibility to meet panel design needs. This segment of RUO antibodies brings new marker, clone and format combinations, including unique dyes like APC-C750. 

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Next Generation BD Infinicyt™ Software (RUO)

Discover new ways to streamline multiparametric analysis of complex data with BD Infinicyt Software. Providing support for automated analysis and reporting of RUO panels using reference databases. It offers a variety of classic analysis software features and several advanced capabilities, such as automated gating and identification.

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