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Your laboratory’s requirements may be unique, and off-the-shelf solutions might not readily work for you. To accommodate your specific research needs, we offer a variety of high-quality custom solutions including custom multicolor panels and reagent cocktails, custom conjugates and bulk reagents, custom instruments, and OEM and out-licensing options. We provide comprehensive panel design consultations to assist you in efficiently designing target-specific reagent panels to meet your research requirements.

Our custom instruments enable you to configure unique laser wavelengths or the number of parameters that can be analyzed simultaneously. Our pre-aliquoted multicolor panels come in liquid, dry down or lyophilized formats for workflow flexibility and to accommodate complexity. We provide custom conjugates for various dyes, antibodies, concentrations or package sizes to support your cell analysis needs. We also offer contract manufacturing of multicolor panels, bulk packaging and OEM options. With our proven and extensive experience in immunology, flow cytometry reagent manufacturing, expert scientific support and wide range of customized offerings, you can trust BD Biosciences’ custom solutions to help you achieve your specific research goals.


Watch the video to explore our custom flow cytometry and high-dimensional biology solutions.

A wide variety of custom options

From custom instruments to reagents and services, explore our range of custom workflow solutions for your specific need.

Custom Reagents


  • Custom multicolor panels and reagent cocktails
    • Contract manufacturing of multicolor panels in liquid, lyophilized and dried formats to minimize error(s) and time associated with manual cocktailing of reagents, increase reagent stability and significantly enhance consistency and assay performance
    • See how BD® Lyotube vials in a standard flow cytometry workflow can lead to a significant reduction in error-prone steps as demonstrated by a customer-lead observational study using Lean Methodology


  • Custom Conjugates
    • Ability to conjugate any fluorescent dye* to any antibody within the BD Biosciences portfolio or to an antibody that you provide


  • Bulk Reagents
    • Custom packaging of bulk quantities of antibodies or reagents from the BD catalog




BD also offers contract manufacturing of dried cocktails for high-volume panels that have been independently designed and must be validated by customer laboratories. BD Horizon™ Dri Chroma Cocktails are stable for 12 months and can reduce or eliminate the need for cocktailing by the customer.


*Some restrictions may apply.



BD Biosciences—Your Flexible and Dependable Partner

We pride ourselves on delivering customizable solutions for biotechnology companies, contract research organizations and academic labs to drive operational efficiency, standardization and reproducibility of your cell analysis workflows.


  • More than 45 years of experience in flow cytometry and pioneering innovations
  • Support from knowledgeable and experienced scientists
  • Extensive portfolio of customizable reagents
  • Configurable instruments with advanced technology
  • Experience in reagent and contract manufacturing
  • Customized assay service options


Solutions Backed by Data

We test our solutions to ensure that our offerings meet your specific needs. View some data generated using our custom products.


For Research Use Only. Not for use in diagnostic or therapeutic procedures.

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