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BD continually strives to deliver quality products, improve our offerings to better serve our customers and help optimize multicolor flow experiments. To this extent, we have launched an initiative to improve the performance of BD Horizon Brilliant Violet 605 (BV605) Research Use Only (RUO) Antibody Reagents. The BD Horizon BV605 Reagents will start being manufactured through a new process that provides enhanced photostability along with equivalent or improved brightness. You can also expect to see more BV605 RUO specificities being launched as a result of this process change.

BD HorizonBV605 RUO Reagents, excluding BD OptiBuildReagents, will start to be manufactured via the new process beginning in September 2023. This change is expected to take 18–24 months to implement across the entire portfolio. As catalog numbers will not be changing, a product notice will temporarily be included with the reagent packaging as an indicator that the change has occurred for a particular catalog number.

What you can expect from the lots manufactured using the new process:

  • Enhanced photostability
  • Equivalent or improved brightness relative to the legacy process
  • No changes to the catalog number, specificity, clone or dye
  • A product notice will temporarily be included with the reagent packaging as an indication the change has occurred

See the product list below detailing which BD HorizonBV605 RUO Reagents have undergone the change. The table references the final lot made using the legacy manufacturing process and first lot produced through the new process.

Performance Data

Comparison of original and revised BD Horizon™ BV605 Reagents demonstrating similar or better performance.

Product Transition Chart


The list below identifies the last lot using legacy process and the first lot incorporating the new manufacturing process for each catalog number affected. This chart will be updated as new catalog numbers are added to the program.



BV605 RUO Reagent Cat. No.SpeciesDescriptionCloneLast Lot Legacy ProcessFirst Lot New Process
562652Iso CtrlMs IgG1 Kappa ItCl BV605 X40 50µgX403152703 
562653HumanHu CD19 BV605 SJ25C1 100TstSJ25C131843093303972
562654HumanHu CD19 BV605 SJ25C1 25 TestsSJ25C131843163325088
562655HumanHu CD27 BV605 L128 100 TestsL12831843173321714
562656Human/MouseHu CD27 BV605 L128 25 TestsL1283184318 
562658HumanHu CD4 BV605 RPA-T4 100 TestsRPA-T430824714012899
562659HumanHu CD4 BV605 RPA-T4 25 TestsRPA-T431843073352996
562661HumanHu CD25 BV605 2A3 25 Tests2A321884574009425
562662HumanHu CD127 BV605 HIL-7R-M21 50 TestsHIL-7R-M2132263763321642
562665HumanHu CD38 BV605 HB7 100 TestsHB713221723352989
562687HumanHu CD117 BV605 104D2 50 Tests104D231309194030215
562719HumanHu CD62L BV605 DREG-56 100TstDREG-563180063 
562721HumanHu CD11B BV605 ICRF44 100TstICRF4432333643272397
562723HumanHu CD11B BV605 ICRF44 25TstICRF4431462113272395
562724HumanHu CD196 CCR6 BV605 11A9 50Tst11A931776693264373
562778Iso CtrlMs IgG2A KPA ITCL BV605 G155-178 50ugG155-17831871514008573
562779HumanHu CD56 BV605 NCAM16.2 25TstNCAM16.231563233317058
562780HumanHu CD56 BV605 NCAM16.2 100TstNCAM16.231563213317055
562788HumanHu CD24 BV605 ML5 100TstML531226663321650
562790HumanHu CD45RO BV605 UCHL1 25TstUCHL131462254015615
562791HumanHu CD45RO BV605 UCHL1 100TstUCHL132146054015613
562840MouseMs TCR Beta Chain BV605 H57-597 50ugH57-59731871523317261
562843Hu/NHPHu/NHP CD4 BV605 L200 50TstL20031630834038780
562844HumanHu HLA-DR BV605 G46-6 25TstG46-631951123306279
562845HumanHu HLA-DR BV605 G46-6 100TstG46-631776473355528
562853HumanHu CD200 BV605 MRC OX-104 50TstOX-10431776273304433
562855HumanHu CD31 BV605 WM59 50TstWM5931871534008617
562886HumanHu CD45RA BV605 HI100 50TstHI10031843083325094
562906HumanHu CD194 BV605 1G1 50Tst1G132016394015670
562974HumanHu IFN-GMA BV605 B27 50TstB2731843194003676
562976HumanHu CD28 BV605 CD28.2 100TstCD28.231871543318354
562977HumanHu IgM BV605 G20-127 50TstG20-12722869583352989
562978HumanHu CD10 BV605 HI10A 100TstHI10A30383213318361
562979HumanHu CD15 BV605 W6D3 25TstW6D331077613258335
562980HumanHu CD15 BV605 W6D3 100TstW6D331077493258341
562987Iso CtrlRat IgG1 Lam ITCL BV605 A110-1 50ugA110-122930214025405
562989HumanHu CD69 BV605 FN50 100TstFN5031309073282053
562993Iso CtrlRat IgG1 Kpa ITCL BV605 R3-34 50ugR3-343054643 
562994Hu/NHPHu/NHP CD3 BV605 SP34-2 50TstSP34-232146073352993
562999HumanHu CD86 BV605 2331(FUN-1) 100Tst2331(FUN-1)23405913306989
563004MouseMs CD3e BV605 145-2C11 50ug145-2C1131801003303974
563005MouseMs LY-6G BV605 1A8 50ug1A831871563289454
563006MouseMs CD16/CD32 BV605 2.4G2 50ug2.4G231871573325100
563008MouseMs CD90.2 BV605 53-2.1 50ug53-2.132263894003693
563009Iso CtrlHam IgG1 Kpa Itcl BV605 A19-3 50ugA19-33214604 
563012Iso CtrlHam IgG2 Kpa Itcl BV605 B81-3 50ugB81-331307553272224
563013MouseMs CD71 BV605 C2 50ugC23172612 
563015Hu/MsCD11B BV605 M1/70 50ugM1/7031562593326985
563051MouseMs CD45.2 BV605 104 50ug10432053183317094
563052MouseMs CD80 BV605 16-10A1 50ug16-10A131309083289439
563053MouseMs CD45 BV605 30-F11 50ug30-F1131871583289433
563057MouseMs CD11c BV605 HL3 50ugHL331804343291610
563058MouseMs CD44 BV605 IM7 50ugIM732263883347950
563059MouseMs CD279 (PD-1) BV605 J43 50ugJ4331840103236998
563060MouseMs CD24 BV605 M1/69 50ugM1/6931096444025066
563061MouseMs CD25 BV605 PC61 50ugPC6131700783324561
563099Iso CtrlMs IgG2b Kpa Itcl BV605 MPC-11 50ug MPC-1131804554015986
563119Human/MouseSSEA-4 BV605 MC813-70 50TstMC813-703226411 
563144Iso CtrlRat IgG2a Kpa ItCl BV605 R35-95 50ugR35-9530333683268421
563147MouseMs CD138 BV605 281-2 50ug281-23101304 
563148MouseMs CD19 BV605 1D3 50ug1D331309123303940
563151MouseMs CD4 BV605 RM4-5 50ugRM4-531871603272245
563152MouseMs CD8a BV605 53-6.7 50ug53-6.731843233314867
563172HumanHu CD16 BV605 3G8 100Tst3G831657963304209
563173HumanHu CD16 BV605 3G8 25Tst3G831657983300504
563182HumanHu CD326 BV605 EBA-1 50TstEBA-131871614032497
563199HumanHu CD73 BV605 AD2 100TstAD231843333352962
563217HumanHu CD3 BV605 SK7 25TstSK731882623325110
563219HumanHu CD3 BV605 SK7 100TstSK731882603333038
563220MouseMs NK-1.1 BV605 PK136 50ugPK13630727063300378
563245HumanHu CD279 (PD-1) BV605 EH12.1 50TstEH12.132298303317240
563246HumanHu IgG BV605 G18-145 50TstG18-14531013073346936
563252MouseMs CD62L BV605 MEL-14 50ugMEL-1432216563318364
563274MouseMs IgG3 Kpa ItCl BV605 J606 50ugJ6063089780 
563285MouseMs IgG1 BV605 A85-1 50ugA85-130614443325996
563290MouseMs CD69 BV605 H1.2F3 50ugH1.2F331726203317269
563294HumanHu CD138 BV605 MI15 50TstMI1531843393338130
563299MouseMs Ly-6G Ly-6C BV605 RB6-8C5 50ugRB6-8C523559683303937
563313HumanHu IgD BV605 IA6-2 50TstIA6-232146033289379
563315HumanHu CD80 BV605 L307.4 100TstL307.420043993317122
563341HumanHu TSLP Rcptr BV605 1F11/TSLPR 50Tst1F11/TSLPR23115503318336
563365MouseMs CD27 BV605 LG.3A10 50ugLG.3A1032216554025222
563378HumanHu CD43 BV605 1G10 100Tst1G1031178753320498
563379HumanHu CD195 BV605 2D7/CCR5 50Tst2D7/CCR531871623318351
563384HumanHu CD337 (NKp30) BV605 p30-15 100Tstp30-1531801844015673
563413MouseMs I-A I-E BV605 M5/114.15.2 50ugM5/11430230643331473
563708MouseMs CD45R/B220 BV605 RA3-6B2 50ugRA3-6B232146064031707
563711HumanHu CCR7 (CD197) BV605 3D12 50Tst3D1231240423325026
563911MouseMs IL-2 BV605 JES6-5H4 50ugJES6-5H411248623303936
563929HumanHu CD11c BV605 B-ly6 100TstB-ly631916033250877
563930HumanHu CD11c BV605 B-ly6 25TstB-ly631516703250871
563945HumanHu CD5 BV605 UCHT2 100TstUCHT232079964015978
563947HumanHu IL-2 BV605 5344.111 50Tst5344.11123291804015989
564007MouseMs IL-4 BV605 11B11 50ug11B1131843383289362
564009MouseMs CD3 MolCpx BV605 17A2 50ug 17A23129123 
564013MouseMs KLRG1 BV605 2F1 50ug2F131843414037172
564024MouseMs IgG2a BV605 R19-15 50ugR19-1531562613318343
564032HumanHu CD183 BV605 1C6/CXCR3 50Tst1C6/CXCR330271254024020
564047HumanHu CD45 BV605 HI30 100TstHI3032146004023509
564048HumanHu CD45 BV605 HI30 25TstHI3032146024023508
564054HumanHu CD14 BV605 M5E2 100TstM5E231865963317077
564055HumanHu CD14 BV605 M5E2 25TstM5E231865993317082
564069MouseMs CD335 (NKp46) BV605 29A1.4 50ug29A1.43122669 
564082MouseMs IL-10 BV605 JES5-16E3 50ugJES5-16E33146243 
564098NHPNHP CD45 BV605 D058-1283 50TstD058-128332722603272260
564115HumanHu CD8 BV605 SK1 25TstSK132263914003750
564116HumanHu CD8 BV605 SK1 100TstSK131527013304605
564165HumanHu IL-2 BV605 MQ1-17H12 100TstMQ1-17H1231773733289377
564169MouseMs IL-17A BV605 TC11-18H10 50ugTC11-18H1031866053325020
564188HumanHu CD193 BV605 5E8 50Tst5E831672234031716
564197HumanHu CD123 BV605 7G3 50Tst7G331701363356249
564362HumanHu CD58 BV605 1C3 100Tst1C331877714032500
564382MouseMs NKG2A-C-E BV605 20d5 50ug20D530822524043893
564712HumanHu CD3 BV605 HIT3a 100TstHIT3a32052743325022
566754HumanHu CCR7 (CD197) BV605 2-L1-A 100Tst2-L1-A31843434019958
566755HumanHu CCR7 (CD197) BV605 2-L1-A 25Tst2-L1-A32333504019957
566908HumanHu CD4 BV605 SK3 100TstSK332063613341178
567122Human/MouseKi-67 BV605 B56 50TstB5632728153356336
567459HumanMs CD45 BV605 I3/2.3 50ugI3/2.323012673320503
567571HumanHu CD25 BV605 BC96 100TstBC9632010523285976
567572HumanHu CD25 BV605 BC96 25TstBC9622867763285974
567691HumanHu CD39 BV605 A1/CD39 100TstA1/CD3931044293264003
567692HumanHu CD39 BV605 A1/CD39 25TstA1/CD3930445183320515
567822MouseMs CX3CR1 BV605 Z8-50 50ugZ8-5030808514046058
567962HumanHu CD15 BV605 7C3.RMAB 100Tst7C3.RMAB31284253340832
567963HumanHu CD15 BV605 7C3.RMAB 25Tst7C3.RMAB31284213335439



For Research Use Only. Not for use in diagnostic or therapeutic procedures.

BD FACS™ Lysing Solution is an in vitro diagnostic medical device bearing a CE mark.