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Based on customer feedback, we have begun converting some of our popular BD OptiBuild™ On-Demand Reagents to our standard, off-the-shelf reagents. While converted products will have new catalog numbers, they will be available at improved pricing on select items and in familiar 50-μg unit sizes.

What you can expect:


  • Off-the-shelf availability with improved pricing on select items
  • Access to single lot material
  • Representative data provided on the Technical Data Sheet (TDS)

A transition period of at least 6 months for comparison testing and study completion prior to the obsolescence of BD OptiBuild™ Reagent catalog numbers

View product list highlighting the legacy BD OptiBuild™ Reagents along with the new off-the-shelf catalog numbers below.

Performance Data

Comparison of legacy BD OptiBuild™ On-Demand Reagents and converted equivalent
off-the-shelf BD Horizon™ Reagents demonstrating similar performance.

Product Transition Chart

Legacy BD & OptiBuild™ Reagent Catalog Number Species Description Clone Isotype Format New BD Horizon™ Reagent Catalog Number
740076 Human Hu CD56 BV421 B159 50ug B159 Mouse IgG1, κ BV421 568219
740082 Human Hu HLA-A2 BV421 BB7.2 50ug BB7.2 Mouse IgG2b, κ BV421 568757
740208 Mouse Ms CD4 BUV395 RM4-5 50ug RM4-5 Rat IgG2a, κ BUV395 568375
740215 Mouse Ms CD44 BUV395 IM7 50ug IM7 Rat IgG2b, κ BUV395 568507
740238 Mouse Ms CD103 BUV395 M290 50ug M290 Rat IgG2a, κ BUV395 568715
740267 Human Hu CCR7 (CD197) BUV395 3D12 50ug 3D12 Rat IgG2a, κ BUV395 568681
740293 Human Hu CD33 BUV395 WM53 50ug WM53 Mouse IgG1, κ BUV395 568374
740298 Human Hu CD45RA BUV395 HI100 50ug HI100 Mouse IgG2b, κ BUV395 568712
740326 Mouse Ms CD335 (NKp46) BUV395 29A1.4 50ug 29A1.4 Rat IgG2a, κ BUV395 568630
740660 Mouse Ms CD62L BV711 MEL-14 50ug MEL-14 Rat IgG2a, κ BV711 568286
740769 Human Hu CD4 BV711 RPA-T4 50ug RPA-T4 Mouse IgG1, κ BV711 568371
740853 Mouse Ms NK-1.1 BV786 PK136 50ug PK136 Mouse IgG2a BV786 568224
740962 Human Hu CD4 BV786 RPA-T4 50ug RPA-T4 Mouse IgG1, κ BV786 568368
740991 Human Hu CD95 BV786 DX2 50ug DX2 Mouse IgG1, κ BV786 568505
740992 Human Hu CD81 (TAPA-1) BV786 JS-81 50ug JS-81 Mouse IgG1, κ BV786 568522
742484 Mouse Ms TCR Chain BV786 H57-597 50ug H57-597 Ham IgG2, λ1 BV786 568222
749027 Mouse Ms CD19 BUV805 1D3 50ug 1D3 Mouse IgG1, κ BUV805 568287
740093 Human Hu CD8 BV421 SK1 50ug SK1 Mouse IgG1, κ BV421 568217
740722 Mouse Hu CD123 BV711 7G3 50ug 7G3 Mouse IgG2a, κ BV711 568228
740771 Human Hu CD11b BV711 ICRF44 50ug ICRF44 Mouse IgG1, κ BV711 568229
740801 Human Hu CD80 BV711 L307.4 50ug L307.4 Mouse IgG1, κ BV711 568227
740966 Human Hu CD11c BV786 B-ly6 50ug B-ly6 Mouse IgG1, κ BV786 568220
740971 Human Hu CD24 BV786 ML5 50ug ML5 Mouse IgG2a BV786 568225
741003 Human Hu CD163 BV786 GHI/61 50ug GHI/61 Mouse IgG1, κ BV786 568221
741006 Human Hu CD141 BV786 1A4 50ug 1A4 Mouse IgG1, κ BV786 568218
741013 Human Hu CD15 BV786 W6D3 50ug W6D3 Mouse IgG1, κ BV786 568288
741421 Human Hu ICOS (CD278) BUV563 DX29 50ug DX29 Mouse IgG1, κ BUV563A 568215
741813 Mouse Ms Ly-6G BUV737 1A8 50ug 1A8 Rat IgG2a, κ BUV737 568346
741823 Human Hu CD4 BUV737 RPA-T4 50ug RPA-T4 Mouse IgG1, κ BUV737 568369
741826 Human Hu CD11b BUV737 ICRF44 50ug ICRF44 Mouse IgG1, κ BUV737 568332
741827 Human Hu CD11c BV737 B-ly6 50ug B-ly6 Mouse IgG1, κ BUV737 568328
741843 Human Hu CD62L BUV737 DREG-56 50ug DREG-56 Mouse IgG1, κ BUV737 568329
741861 Human Hu CD137 BUV737 4B4-1 50ug 4B4-1 Mouse IgG1, κ BUV737 568348
741865 Human Hu CD80 BUV737 L307.4 50ug L307.4 Mouse IgG1, κ BUV737 568364
741872 Human Hu CD3 BUV737 SP34-2 50ug SP34-2 Mouse IgG1, λ1 BUV737 568353
741877 Mouse Ms CD274 BUV737 MIH5 50ug MIH5 Rat IgG2a, λ BUV737 568361
741934 Ms/Hu CD11b BUV805 M1/70 50ug M1/70 Rat IgG2b, κ BUV805 568345
742007 Human Hu CD19 BUV805 HIB19 50ug HIB19 Mouse IgG1, κ BUV805 568331
742020 Human Hu CD45RA BUV805 HI100 50ug HI100 Mouse IgG2b, κ BUV805 568330
742053 Human Hu CD3 BUV805 SP34-2 50ug SP34-2 Mouse IgG1, λ1 BUV805 568354
742069 Human Hu CD14 BUV805 MphiP9 50ug MphiP9 Mouse IgG2b, κ BUV805 568333
742217 Human Hu CD33 BB700 WM53 50ug WM53 Mouse IgG1, κ BB700 568283
742229 Human Hu CD8 BB700 HIT8a 50ug HIT8a Mouse IgG1, κ BB700 568284
742390 Human Hu CD8b BV421 2ST8.5H7 50ug 2ST8.5H7 Mouse IgG2a, κ BV421 568373
742731 Human Hu CD27 BV421 L128 50ug L128 Mouse IgG1, κ BV421 568226
742857 Human Hu TIM-3 (CD366) BV786 7D3 50ug 7D3 Mouse IgG1, κ BV786 568504
743172 Human Hu CD337 (NKp30) BV786 P30-15 50ug P30-15 Mouse IgG1, κ BV786 568223
743283 Human Hu CD134 BV421 ACT35 50ug ACT35 Mouse IgG1, κ BV421 568213
743308 Human Hu CD71 BUV395 M-A712 50ug M-A712 Mouse IgG2a, κ BUV395 568523
743558 Human Hu CD314 (NKG2D) BV421 1D11 50ug 1D11 Mouse IgG1, κ BV421 568106
743611 Human Hu CD20 BV786 2H7 50ug 2H7 Mouse IgG2b, κ BV786 568713
743654 Human Hu CD103 BV786 Ber-ACT8 50ug Ber-ACT8 Mouse IgG1, κ BV786 568274
744547 Mouse Ms CD279 (PD-1) BV711 J43 50ug J43 Ham IgG2, κ BV711 568298
744904 Human Hu CD34 BV421 8G12 50ug 8G12 Mouse IgG1, κ BV421 568758
745505 Human Hu Gma Dta TCR BV711 11F2 50ug 11F2 Mouse IgG1 BV711 568490
745733 Human Hu CD117 (c-Kit) BUV395 104D2 50ug 104D2 Mouse IgG1 BUV395 568489
745787 Human Hu CD138 BB700 MI15 50ug MI15 Mouse IgG1, κ BB700 568282
745790 Human Hu CD14 BB700 M5E2 50ug M5E2 Mouse IgG2a, κ BB700 568525
745981 Human Hu CD4 BB700 RPA-T4 50ug RPA-T4 Mouse IgG1, κ BB700 568370
746313 Human Hu CD3 BV480 HIT3A 50ug HIT3a Mouse IgG2a, κ BV480 568216
746457 Human Hu CD19 BV480 HIB19 50ug HIB19 Mouse IgG1, κ BV480 568214
747522 Human Hu CD69 BV750 FN50 50ug FN50 Mouse IgG1, κ BV750 568285
748338 Human Hu HLA-DR BUV805 G46-6 50ug G46-6 Mouse IgG2a, κ BUV805 568335
748339 Human Hu HLA-DR BUV737 G46-6 50ug G46-6 Mouse IgG2a, κ BUV737 568351
748370 Mouse Ms CD45 BUV805 30-F11 50ug 30-F11 Rat IgG2b, κ BUV805 568336
748371 Mouse Ms CD45 BUV737 30-F11 50ug 30-F11 Rat IgG2b, κ BUV737 568344
748502 Human Hu CD103 BUV737 Ber-ACT8 50ug Ber-ACT8 Mouse IgG1, κ BUV737 568350
748719 Human Hu CD45 BUV737 HI30 50ug HI30 Mouse IgG1, κ BUV737 568524
748820 Human Hu TIM-3 (CD366) BUV737 7D3 50ug 7D3 Mouse IgG1, κ BUV737 568680
748851 Human Hu CD16 BUV563 3G8 50ug 3G8 Mouse IgG1, κ BUV563 568289
749173 Human Hu CD19 BUV805 SJ25C1 50ug SJ25C1 Mouse IgG1, κ BUV805 568290
749306 Mouse Ms CD279 (PD-1) BUV737 RMP1-30 50ug RMP1-30 Rat IgG2b, κ BUV737 568363
749366 Human Hu CD8 BUV805 RPA-T8 50ug RPA-T8 Mouse IgG2a, κ BUV805 568334
749422 Mouse Ms CD279 (PD-1) BUV737 J43 50ug J43 Ham IgG2, κ BUV737 568362
750986 Human Hu CD4 BV480 OKT4 50ug OKT4 Mouse IgG2b, κ BV480 568372


BV: BD Horizon Brilliant Violet™ Reagents

BUV: BD Horizon Brilliant™ Ultraviolet Reagents

The product list will be updated with future releases



For Research Use Only. Not for use in therapeutic or diagnostic procedures.