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Unleash the power of high-dimensional biology to understand complex biological systems with our unique single-cell multiomics (scM) instruments. Your trusted partner in flow cytometry, BD Biosciences now provides high-quality scM instruments, reagents and bioinformatics tools that provide reliable, reproducible single-cell multiomics data necessary for use in translational research settings. With our microwell-based scM instruments, you can now obtain more proteomics and genomics data than was ever possible before.


Our scM instruments are offered in two configurations:



BD Rhapsody™ Single-Cell Analysis System

A microwell-based single-cell partitioning system combined with visual workflow QC

High-throughput capture and analysis of multiomic information from hundreds to thousands of single cells using a simple cartridge workflow and a multitier barcoding system, with quality control measures at every single step of the single-cell workflow. The system includes the BD Rhapsody™ Scanner and the BD Rhapsody™ Express Single-Cell Analysis System. We recommend using the system when quality control is important, for users new to single-cell workflows, for the development of single-cell protocols, and when working with novel cell types or complex cell systems. The system allows control over every experiment and provides the ability to troubleshoot and optimize single-cell capture without sequencing. 

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BD Rhapsody™ Express Single-Cell Analysis System

A high-throughput, microwell-based single-cell partitioning system

High-throughput capture and analysis of multiomic information from hundreds to thousands of single cells using a simple cartridge workflow and a multitier barcoding system. The system provides the same powerful single-cell partitioning system as the BD Rhapsody™ Single-Cell Analysis System without the visual workflow QC option. Recommended for experienced users working with established single-cell preparation methods and standard cell types.  

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Our Leadership in Single-Cell Multiomics Instruments

Reaching new frontiers in high-dimensional biology

BD Biosciences flow cytometry instruments have enabled researchers like you to successfully conduct high-parametric flow cytometry analysis for over 45 years. Our scM instruments extend this capability and facilitate the analysis of hundreds of genes and proteins simultaneously at the single-cell level. Use scM instruments to access the vast wealth of information that exists at multiple levels in a cell to better understand biological networks that underlie phenotypic responses.


Providing a seamless and complete workflow

Our instruments fit seamlessly in cell sorting and analysis workflows, allowing you to take advantage of the benefits of our analyzers and sorters and add the power of single-cell analysis. The BD Multiomics Portfolio offers a complete end-to-end workflow for the analysis of single-cells with instruments for robust single-cell partitioning, BD® AbSeq Assays and other reagents for single-cell analyses, and bioinformatics support and SeqGeq™ Software for analysis of single-cell data.



Streamlined transfer of a high-parameter flow cytometry panel from cell analyzer to cell sorter prior to in-depth single-cell multiomic analysis of murine lymphocyte subpopulations.


Excellent training and support

Our scM team works with you at every step to provide the highest level of support and training you need to conduct your single-cell analysis successfully. Explore our resources and bioinformatics support tools to understand our system capabilities, plan your experiments and analyze your results.

For Research Use Only. Not for use in diagnostic or therapeutic procedures.