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BD Rhapsody™ Scanner

A visual workflow QC system that can be combined with a microwell-based single-cell partitioning system.



The BD Rhapsody Scanner is designed to visualize all steps in the single-cell capture workflow and provide detailed analysis metrics at every step, enabling the user to make key decisions throughout the workflow. The scanner has been redesigned to be compatible for use with the BD RhapsodyHT Xpress System and BD Rhapsody 8-Lane Cartridge for higher-throughput applications, enabling a multisample workflow. It can also be used in combination with the BD RhapsodyExpress System and BD Rhapsody Single-Lane Cartridge for lower-throughput needs.


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BD Rhapsody™Single-Cell Analysis System Cartridge Workflow

BD Rhapsody™ HT Single-Cell Analysis System

A powerful, high-throughput, microwell-based single-cell partitioning system, combined with visual workflow QC
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