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PE Phycoerythrin Fluorescence Quantitation Kit

BD Quantibrite™ PE Phycoerythrin Fluorescence Quantitation Kit

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Each BD Quantibrite™ PE tube contains a lyophilized pellet of beads conjugated with four levels of phycoerythrin (PE). The pellet is restrained in the bottom of the tube by a stainless steel retainer. The number of PE molecules per bead at each level varies among lots; lot-specific information is included with each kit. Each BD Quantibrite tube contains gelatin and sodium azide and is packaged in a foil pouch. There are 10 tubes per kit.

BD Quantibrite PE tubes are designed for use with PE-labeled monoclonal antibodies for the purpose of estimating ABCs by flow cytometry. When you run a BD Quantibrite PE tube at the same instrument settings as the assay, the FL2 axis can be converted into the number of PE molecules bound per cell. By using known ratios of PE to antibodies, you can then convert PE molecules per cell to antibodies per cell. These factors, and others that affect quantitation, are discussed in detail in the BD Quantibrite white paper.

Preparation And Storage

Store foil pouches at 2°C–8°C and do not freeze. Protect from exposure to light. The reagent is stable until the expiration date shown on the pouch label when stored as directed.

Reconstitute the pellet immediately after removing the tube from the pouch. The reconstituted pellet is stable for 24 hours when protected from light and stored at 2°C– 8°C.

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340495 Rev. 1

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