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RBC Control
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BD Leucocount™
Flow cytometry


The BD Leucocount™ RBC control is used to monitor methods for enumeration of residual leucocytes in leucoreduced RBC products, including the dilution and staining process, method setup, and WBC enumeration.

Preparation And Storage

• Store vials upright, tightly capped, at 2° to 8°C when not in use.

• Unopened vials are stable until the expiration date indicated on each vial and on the Assay Values sheet when stored continuously at 2° to 8°C.

• Opened vials are stable for 30 days or 21 thermal cycles (uses), whichever comes first, when handled properly. A thermal cycle constitutes performing all steps once under Instructions for Use. In general, stability is limited by the number of times the vial is removed from the refrigerator, warmed, and mixed (defined as a use ); by the time from first use; and by the decrease in volume with each use.

• Protect from freezing, from temperatures above 30°C, and from prolonged time at room temperature (18° to 30°C).

• Follow exactly the steps under Instructions for Use.

341001 Rev. 1
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341001 Rev. 1

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