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Flexible Buying Options with Procurement Controls

Institutions today are striving to lower costs and gain operational efficiencies using eProcurement systems. These efficiencies include reducing time, touch points, and order errors.

In addition to reducing the cost per order, further cost reductions are achieved by aggregating order volume for increased discounts, enforcing institutional pricing, and enabling visibility into institutional spend by supplier.

BD Biosciences offers a full range of services for eProcurement connectivity. These include direct linkages between eProcurement systems and BD Biosciences using punchout, marketplace portals, hosted eCatalogs, and electronic orders.

In addition to these methods, the BD Biosciences eCommerce website offers a rich online buying experience—featuring fast and easy account setup, visibility to your institutional discounts, and support for a variety of payment methods.

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Regardless of the electronic purchasing method you choose or currently support, BD Biosciences has deep technical knowledge to support your purchasing process. Our dedicated team of technology professionals is ready to support your institution when you need us. Contact your sales representative today to learn more.

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