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The BD FACS™ Lyse Wash Assistant (LWA), with its patented cell wash technology, automates sample preparation for flow cytometry applications. It lyses, mixes, washes and fixes samples with minimal labor. 





BD FACS™ Lyse Wash Assistant, BD FACSCanto™ II Flow Cytometer, BD FACS™ Loader, BD FACS™ Sample Prep Assistant III and BD FACS™ Lysing Solution are in vitro diagnostic medical devices bearing a CE mark.

BD Pharmingen™ Stain Buffer (BSA), BD Pharmingen™ Stain Buffer (FBS), BD PharmLyse™ Lysing Buffer, BD Cytofix™ Fixation Buffer are for Research Use Only. Not for use in diagnostic or therapeutic procedures.

BD™ Zero Foam and BD FACSClean™ are for Laboratory Use Only.

BD FACSCanto™ II Flow Cytometer is a Class 1 Laser Product.