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Explore our high-quality flow cytometry research reagents. As the premier leader of flow cytometry instruments and reagents, BD Biosciences offers a comprehensive and ever-growing line of trusted and innovative antibodies and reagents that provide you with flexibility, convenience and confidence. We also offer a myriad resources and tools such as the Interactive Cell Map to facilitate panel design creation and product selection to support your research needs. Our flow cytometry reagents can help you get reliable and consistent results due to our rigorous testing and quality control standards.


Single-Color Antibodies

Choose from an extensive portfolio of trusted dyes across multiple laser lines with a variety of antibody conjugates and get the flexibility you need to take your research to the next level. As pioneering developers of UV reagents and BD Horizon Brilliant™ Fluorochromes, and BD Horizon RealYellow™ and RealBlue™ Fluorochromes we’ve created a diverse portfolio of reagents that enable higher-parameter flow cytometry experiments to better discern populations of interest and garner deeper scientific insights.  We help ensure confidence throughout longitudinal studies with high-quality reagents and lot-to-lot reagent consistency.



Build your own flow cytometry panels. Our Panel Design Tool guides you through the panel design process to select the best combinations of reagents for experimental success.


Flow Cytometry Controls and Lysates 

Gain greater confidence in your results with a paired isotype control for every BD Biosciences antibody. We provide hundreds of isotype controls as the perfect companions to the antibodies we produce.

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BD Biosciences offers custom solutions to accommodate your unique research needs

Can’t find exactly what you’re looking for? BD Biosciences provides comprehensive custom reagent products and services, including bulk custom and stock reagents, and flow cytometry instruments and support services to enable breakthrough scientific insights. Check out our Custom Solutions.   


Discover how our rigorous testing and quality control standards are reflected in the BD Biosciences flow cytometry reagents

The BD Biosciences antibodies and reagents adhere to strict quality control (QC) SOPs and guidelines to ensure lot-to-lot consistency, which is critical for obtaining consistent and reproducible results. Our antibody specificities are confirmed for multiple applications, and all our flow cytometry reagents are titrated on the relevant positive and/or negative cells. 


Find more information on the quality measures BD Biosciences takes to ensure the high quality and reproducibility of results.

For Research Use Only. Not for use in diagnostic or therapeutic procedures.