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Combining years of collective knowledge with diverse research and clinical laboratory experience, the BD Biosciences applications support teams provide timely, professional support. We can address issues across a broad range of applications, resolving both everyday and specialized challenges.


  • The BD European Scientific Support team provides remote application support via phone, email and chat. The multilingual Scientific Support representatives answer to all your questions about the products and guide you in analyzing your data through desktop sharing.
  • The BD European field application specialists offer personalized support through onsite visits, assisting you with new assays optimization, new multicolor panels implementation or experiments troubleshooting on your BD equipment
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BD Biosciences offers a variety of training courses for instruments and applications to help you take full advantage of the capabilities of BD products quickly and efficiently. Courses are led by BD professionals with extensive flow cytometry experience gained in research and clinical laboratories. Courses combine theory with hands-on practice to provide participants with knowledge, skills and operational experience. 

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Scientific Consultation/Support

Our team of scientists has a wide variety of skillsets and experience. From in vivo animal disease models to human and mouse immunology, molecular and cell biology to drug discovery. Make your science come to life faster and easier by partnering with us. From assay design to data interpretation, we can work with you every step of the way.

Educational Seminars

Whether you are an advanced cytometrist or new to flow, we offer virtual and in-person sessions with your team. Educational seminar topics range from introduction to flow cytometry, scientific applications, multicolor panel design, cell sorting, troubleshooting, controls and compensation best practices.

Panel Design

Designing a successful flow cytometry panel can be a daunting task with a multitude of questions.


Should I use FITC or Alexa Fluor™ 488?


What clone do I use?


How can I best resolve my populations?


What about co-expressing markers?


What controls do I need?


Our team of scientists can help you navigate this process. We will work together to obtain the best quality data for your experiment.

Reagent Selection

BD Biosciences offers over 15,000 reagents, ready for use. We can help you decide on the assay type that will help you obtain the data you need to answer a question and guide you to the appropriate reagents for a successful experimental outcome.

Assay Implementation Support

A lot of thought and planning goes into design and execution of flow-based assays. Our experts are available to help you bring your assays and experiments from concept to results.

Software Support

BD Biosciences has a wide variety of software for our customers to use. From acquisition to specialized analysis software, our software suite can help you generate and analyze your data. We have team members ready to support your needs, optimize your workflow and troubleshoot software errors.


We are here to help. Contact the European scientific support, a whole team of experts dedicated to help you Monday through Friday 9:00 – 17:00 CET.

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