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For Professionals in Research


FlowJo™ Software is your partner and committed to take your research to new heights. 


FlowJo™ Software enables single-cell flow cytometry analysis that helps unlock your data insights with accessible features for immunophenotyping, cell cycle, proliferation, kinetics studies, quantitative population comparison, plate screening assays and more.



New Updates

The latest release of FlowJo v10.10 Software 


  • Data visualization: Create spectral plots for selected detectors and populations and compare populations using spectral plots with Spectral Population Viewer
  • BD SpectralFX Technology: Perform system-aware spectral unmixing on spectral data from BD FACSDiscoverS8 Cell Sorters
  • NxN plot parameter mouseover: Display parameter combinations on NxN plots for easier viewing
  • Advanced Scaling Preferences: Define data-driven, per-cytometer scaling defaults to more easily set transform properties. 
  • MEM score tables: Export MEM population names in a tabular format 
  • Added functionality with ClusterExplorer:
    • Non-cluster populations can now be visualized in ClusterExplorer
    • Clusters can be re-ordered within the heatmap
    • Heatmap columns can be re-ordered or hidden
    • Expanded heatmap window
  • Copy Transforms: In the compensation matrix editor users can now copy the transform from one compensation matrix to another, allowing per parameter transforms to be easily applied to another data set. 
  • Computational population discovery: Create gates for computationally-defined populations with HyperFinder in order to sort, compare and validate complex populations.