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WTA Reagent Kit – 8 pack

BD Rhapsody™ WTA Reagent Kit – 8 pack

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BD Rhapsody™
Single cell multiomics experiments on the BD Rhapsody™ platform


The BD Rhapsody™ Whole Transcriptome Analysis (WTA) Amplification kit enables unbiased 3'-based capture, amplification and detection of transcriptomes at a single cell level. The BD Rhapsody WTA Amplification kit has been thoroughly tested and validated to generate consistent, high-quality whole transcriptome data across different workflows, different users and a wide range of cell inputs. The BD Rhapsody WTA Amplification kit allows you to identify genes of interest that can be used for building your targeted panels. Customizable targeted panel creation makes it easy to focus on the genes that really matter to your research. With the BD Single Cell Multiplexing kit (SMK) and the Rhapsody WTA Amplification kit working seamlessly together, you can save time and money by running multiple samples at once, giving you the option of multiplexing without compromising the quality of your data. With the BD Rhapsody WTA Amplification kit the power to uncover the whole transcriptome of a single cell is at your fingertips. This catalog number covers all the 4 kits needed for your single cell WTA experiment and includes BD Rhapsody™ Enhanced Cartridge Reagent Kit (cat no. 664887); BD Rhapsody™ 8-Lance Cartridge (cat no. 666262); BD Rhapsody™ cDNA Kit (cat no. 633773); BD Rhapsody™ Whole Transcriptome Analysis (WTA) Amplification Kit (cat no. 633801)

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Description Quantity/Size Part Number EntrezGene ID
Enhanced Cartridge Reagent Kit 1 Each (2 ea) 664887 N/A
8-Lane Cartridge 1 Each (1 ea) 666262 N/A
cDNA Kit 1 Each (2 ea) 633773 N/A
Whole Transcriptome Analysis (WTA) Amplification Kit 1 Each (2 ea) 633801 N/A

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For Research Use Only. Not for use in diagnostic or therapeutic procedures.