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The wide range of training options for your BD FACSLyric™ Flow Cytometer integrated with the FACSDuet™ Sample Preparation System includes hands-on instructor-led training as well as self-paced e-Learning and product resources. No matter your preferred style of learning, we have training options to help you make the most of your scientific endeavors.


Self-Paced Training
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View our self-paced e-Learning to learn more about your instrument and software. Most of our courses begin with an introduction to the topic and end with a short quiz to check your knowledge. 

BD FACSDuet™ Sample Preparation System Overview

This course will introduce you to the BD FACSDuet™ Sample Preparation System hardware and software. By the end of this course, you will be able to:


  • Identify the external and internal components of the instrument

  • Identify the hardware accessories included with the instrument

  • Navigate the software


BD FACSDuet™ Sample Preparation System Periodic Maintenance

This course will introduce you to the five periodic maintenance procedures for the instrument. By the end of this course, you will be able to


  • Describe when parts need to be replaced
  • Maintain the following instrument components:
    • DI water filter
    • Specimen probe
    • Specimen syringe
    • Specimen valve
    • Specimen tubing
Instructor-Led Training
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Our operator training courses are designed to quickly get you up and running on your instrument. This course is delivered in a small class size with a 2-to-1 ratio of learners-to-instrument to provide plenty of hands-on time and opportunity to get comfortable with the operation of the software and sample preparation system.

BD FACSDuet™ Sample Preparation System Operator Training Courses

This course provides you with the practical knowledge and skills to operate the BD FACSDuet™ Sample Preparation System.


In this class, you will learn:

  • Operation, maintenance and basic troubleshooting of common hardware and software issues

  • Preparation and running a worklist using BD FACSDuet™ Software

  • Preparation and running a cocktailing worklist using BD FACSDuet™ Software


Intended Audience: New operators or operators who have not had formal training on this instrument 

Prerequisites: None

Want to attend a class? Click Request Course to complete the training request form to attend a training class at one of the following locations.


Training at BD

Join us at our BD Biosciences Training Center

Location: San Jose, CA

Duration: 1 day

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Training virtually at your location

Training delivered online through a web conferencing application. This training will use the instrument and software in your lab.

Location: Online 

Duration: 1 day

A one-hour orientation will be conducted several weeks prior to the scheduled class.

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Custom Training at your site

Pre-arrange with the instructor the topics and number of training days needed. Choose the topics for your training from a list of available training topics.

To get the most out of training, hands-on practice is limited to a maximum of two participants for the training session.  
If more than two participants require hands-on training, purchase additional days of training. Instructor travel and lodging are included in the per-day price. Training is also available virtually.

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Product Resources
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BD FACSDuet™ Sample Preparation System is a Class 1 Laser Product.

The BD FACSDuet™ Sample Preparation System is for In Vitro Diagnostic Use. Sample preparation for user-defined protocols and cocktailing functions are for Research Use Only, not for use in diagnostic or therapeutic procedures.