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Explore our comprehensive, high-quality immunology reagents to further your diagnostic, clinical and research applications. Equipped with more than 45 years of technological expertise and the endless possibilities that our trusted and time-tested reagents offer, we at BD Biosciences can help advance your research and applications to greater heights.



Flow Cytometry Reagents

Experience the BD Biosciences difference. Find the reagents needed for your flow cytometry application from a single source—designed to help you achieve robust results and breakthrough discoveries.

Explore a myriad of high-quality fluorescence-conjugated and purified antibodies, buffers and other reagents for your advanced cell analysis. From single-color antibodies to multicolor cocktails and kits, our cutting-edge dyes provide choice and flexibility for your panel design and can help resolve even obscure and rare cell populations. ASR, IVD, RUO and Clinical Discovery Research Reagents—all options are available.

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Single-Cell Multiomics Reagents

Utilize high-dimensional biology to its fullest potential. Use integrated protein, mRNA and multiplexing tools for single-cell analysis to gain maximum scientific insights.

Elucidate genomic and proteomic information simultaneously at the single-cell level using our award-winning antibody-oligo conjugates and different RNA assays. Our single-cell multiomics reagents facilitate in-depth analyses of biomarkers and provide the flexibility for either targeted or broad-spectrum discovery analysis. Combine the BD Rhapsody™ Single-Cell Reagents with our user-friendly bioinformatics pipeline to aid in your discovery.

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Immunoassay Reagents

Quantitate soluble analytes from a variety of sample types or analyze individual cells secreting a specific protein or quantify multiple proteins simultaneously—a wide array of options is at your disposal.

From traditional ELISA to customizable ELISPOT to sophisticated multiplex bead-based immunoassays, the BD Biosciences immunoassay portfolio provides a variety of options based on your need. Use the broad dynamic range of fluorescence detection offered by the BD® Cytometric Bead Array (CBA) to analyze up to 30 analytes in a single sample by flow cytometry analysis. 

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Cell Preparation and Separation Reagents

Prepare, select and enrich your samples using our high-quality sample preparation and cell separation reagents.

Explore our suite of products for blood lysis and cell preparation reagents. From the solutions needed to lyse, stain, fix and permeabilize cells to magnetic separation reagents to enrich rare cell populations prior to FACS and other downstream applications, BD Biosciences has everything you need to analyze your samples with confidence and ease. 

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Functional Cell-Based Assays and Reagents

Investigate important cellular events using our complete portfolio of reagents for cell function analysis.

Find the most suitable reagents to visualize key cellular events using a variety of techniques. From immunohistochemistry-, imaging- and western blotting-based methods to flow cytometry-based assays, BD Biosciences offers a complete suite of products for cell function analysis.

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Microscopy and Imaging Reagents

Visualize and determine the localization of your proteins of interest in specific tissues and cells using immunohistochemistry, immunocytochemistry and immunofluorescence applications.

BD Biosciences offers a variety of specificities for a wide range of cell surface and intracellular markers for microscopy applications. Both fluorescently labeled, biotinylated and purified options are available for imaging purposes. BD Biosciences fluorescent dyes for imaging applications build on our experience in fluorescent imaging and leverage our innovative polymer dyes. The exceptional brightness of our fluorophores enables high sensitivity and the unique spectra allow for easier multiplexing.

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Western Blotting and Molecular Reagents

Explore a broad range of high-quality antibodies, buffers and reagents for your western blotting needs.

Find thousands of purified antibodies specific for your targets. We also offer buffers, reagents and control lysates to support your western blotting and immunoprecipitation protocols.

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Why BD Reagents?


Pioneers in flow cytometry and a leader in next-generation multiomic technologies, with an expansive global footprint


>45 years in flow cytometry business and trusted partner


Panel design education, hands-on training for all our instruments and collaboration with customers


Breadth of reagent portfolio along with instruments and software

Non-IVD products are For Research Use Only. Not for use in diagnostic or therapeutic procedures.