Technical Support

Comprehensive instrument support

BD Biosciences technical service teams help you in every phase of the instrument life cycle to ensure you obtain optimal performance, results, and productivity from your investment. From coordinating installation to choosing the right service contract, they work closely with you to find the best solution for your situation. To keep your BD FACS™ brand and other instruments running at peak performance experienced support experts from BD use remote support technologies and on-site visits to provide fast and efficient help, and maximize instrument uptime.

Flow Cytometer and Bioimaging Instrument Support

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Service Contracts

New BD instruments include a one-year warranty to ensure consistent performance. The warranty starts 30 days from shipment or at installation, whichever occurs first, and is subject to the terms and conditions of your BD contract.

Balancing operational needs and costs is important. For support beyond the instrument warranty period, a variety of service agreements is available. The service team can help you to choose the plan that best fits your lab requirements—from full-service coverage to repair on demand.

BD instrument service contracts include features such as unlimited telephone support during phone support hours, unlimited on-site service repairs, guaranteed response time for some service contracts, spare parts, preventive maintenance, and select software revision updates.

Specialized services, such as Installation Qualification and Operational Qualification (IQ/OQ), are available to help customers document the performance of their instrument.

Instrument Installation

To ensure that a customer’s instrument is ready to use when and where it is needed, BD Biosciences works closely with customers from planning to validation. This collaboration ensures that the new instrument is installed according to customer needs and is smoothly integrated into the lab environment.

Instrument delivery and installation are carefully orchestrated by our Field Service Engineers and Installation Coordinators. The coordination team contacts customers prior to an installation to establish a convenient installation date. Accessories (such as fluids) needed to set up the new instrument are sent to the site prior to installation. Delivery is handled by an experienced moving team that has the equipment necessary to safely unpack the instrument and maneuver it into the lab.

BD Field Service Engineers ensure that the instrument is properly installed and ready to use. This includes physical setup, software installation, and performing routine calibration and diagnostics. An installation report is issued after performance is verified.

When necessary, pre-installation visits can be arranged to discuss installation requirements.

Instrument Telephone Support

The Technical Support Center team is the first point of contact for instrument-related issues and questions. Qualified staff members are available by phone to help triage issues and guide customers on maintenance activities. From basic questions and telephone troubleshooting to on-site repairs, BD Biosciences professionals are available to take care of your inquiries in a timely and efficient manner to help maximize system uptime and support lab productivity.

Remote Support

Advanced remote support technologies help BD support staff to deliver real-time support on many BD flow cytometry platforms, regardless of distance and location. Software solutions for remote desktop sharing and remote service management over the internet allow BD support personnel to see what the cytometer user is experiencing. Many issues can be resolved without the need for an on-site visit. This means increased system uptime for laboratories and more productive bench time for users. Find out more

On-Site Repairs

When needed, a Field Service Engineer can be dispatched to your site to further diagnose and repair your BD instrument. Repairs are usually completed onsite. Every effort is made to minimize downtime, and repairs are completed according to your service level agreement.

Preventive Maintenance

If an instrument is covered by a warranty or service contract, routine preventive maintenance is performed at the customer site periodically. Field Service Engineers ensure that the equipment is operating at peak performance as described in the product specifications. Routine maintenance includes replacement of consumables such as filters and tubing, and follows a prescribed schedule designed to keep the instrument working optimally.

Upgrades and Updates

To help customers take advantage of technological advances and still get optimal return on instrument investments, BD offers a variety of upgrade options.

Upgrade options can include computers, software, or hardware aimed at improving instrument operation, laboratory workflow, and productivity.

Updates and upgrades are performed by BD Field Service Engineers. Updates that optimize, improve, or correct the hardware or software function of an instrument are generally performed free of charge. Upgrades that typically add functionality to an instrument are performed for a fee.

Instrument Moves

If your instrument has to be relocated from one laboratory space to another, BD Biosciences can help check the new site, prepare the instrument for the move, and re-install and test its operation at the new location. This service should be quoted and scheduled in advance.


An Installation and Operational Qualification (IQ/OQ) certifies that an instrument performs according to its specifications in the environment where it is installed. BD Biosciences Field Service Engineers are trained to perform IQ/OQ procedures. This service should be quoted and scheduled in advance.