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This product requires a valid RUO certificate to purchase.

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Description Size Status Cat. No. List Price  
BD CellFIX (10x concentrate)  BD CellFIX (10x concentrate) 50 mL CE/IVD 340181 QuickView

Stabilizing Fixative BD™ Stabilizing Fixative 90 mL CE/IVD 339860 QuickView

Lysing Solution 10X Concentrate BD FACS™ Lysing Solution 10X Concentrate 100 mL CE/IVD 349202 QuickView

Brefeldin A Solution BD FastImmune™ Brefeldin A Solution 250 µL RUO (GMP) 347688 QuickView

EDTA Solution  EDTA Solution 2.5 mL RUO (GMP) 347689 QuickView

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