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CLL Phenotyping with BD Rhapsody™ Targeted Panels and BD® AbSeq Assays

Chronic Lymphoid Leukemia (CLL), the most common form of leukemia in adults, is often characterised by progressive accumulation of incompetent lymphocytes in blood and bone marrow. Recent bulk RNA studies suggested that there are heterogeneities in CLL samples, prompting the need for single-cell RNA sequencing to study the underlying transcriptional profile.


This presentation shows how the BD Rhapsody(TM) Single Cell Analysis System can be used to simultaneously evaluate gene and protein expression. 32 proteins and ~500 genes were simultaneously analysed in single cells, revealing not only significant heterogeneity among CLL samples but also new cell types that were not previously associated with the disease.


Dowload "Exploring tumor heterogeneity of chronic lymphocytic leukemia using single cell multiomics" data sheet.



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