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BD Horizon™ Red 718 Reagents

BD Horizon™ Red 718 (R718) is an innovative small-molecule fluorochrome developed exclusively for BD Biosciences. It provides improved sensitivity and resolution of low-density markers and intracellular targets. R718 is excited by the red laser with an emission maximum of 718 nm and can be detected by the same filter as Alexa Fluor™ 700.


BD Horizon™ Red 718 Reagents are specially designed to serve as alternatives to Alexa Fluor™ 700 or APC-R700.


BD Horizon™ Red 718 Reagents offer:

  • Greater brightness and resolving power than Alexa Fluor™ 700 for both surface and intracellular markers
  • Reduced background staining compared to Alexa Fluor™ 700 and APC-R700
  • Minimal spread into the APC channel
  • A broad portfolio of conjugates through BD OptiBuild™ On-Demand Reagents
  • Lot-to-lot consistency to reduce risk of data variability


In addition, R718 is compatible with a variety of buffers including BD FACS™ Lysing Solution and BD Pharm Lyse™ Lysing Buffers


BD Horizon™ Red 718 Reagents have the potential to enhance your flow cytometry panel's performance.


BD Horizon™ Red 718 Reagents



BD OptiBuild™ On-Demand R718 Reagents Offer Superior Resolution

Comparison of BD Horizon™ R718 Reagents (red), BD OptiBuild™ On-Demand Red 718 Reagents equivalent (blue), vs. BD Pharmingen™ Alexa Fluor™ 700 (orange) using surface markers mouse anti-human CD3 (left, clone UCHT1) or rat anti-mouse CD8a (right, clone 53-6.7)




Reagent SpecificitySpeciesCloneIsotypeSizeCatalog Number
BCL-6HumanK112-91Mouse IgG1, κ100 Tests566979
CD3HumanUCHT1Mouse IgG1, κ100 Tests566953
25 Tests566954
CD4HumanSK3Mouse IgG1, κ100 Tests566930
25 Tests566931
CD11cHumanB-ly6Mouse IgG1, κ100 Tests566932
25 Tests566933
CD19HumanSJ25C1Mouse IgG1, κ100 Tests566946
25 Tests566947
HumanEH12.1Mouse IgG1, κ100 Tests566974
25 Tests566975
FoxP3Human259D/C7Ms IgG1100 Tests566935
25 Tests566936
IL-17AHumanN49-653Mouse IgG1, κ100 Tests566938
Mouse IgG1, κ100 Tests566977
25 Tests566978
CD107aMouse1D4BRat IgG2a, κ50 ug566986
CD4MouseRM4-5Rat IgG2a, k50 ug566939
CD8aMouse53-6.7Rat IgG2a, κ50 ug566985
CD13MouseR3-242Rat IgG150 ug566982
Ly-6CMouseAL-21Rat IgG2a, κ50 ug566987



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