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Description Clone Size Status Cat. No. List Price  
FITC Mouse Anti-Rat CD161a BD Pharmingen™ FITC Mouse Anti-Rat CD161a 10/78  50 µg RUO 561781 Quick View

FITC Rat Anti-Mouse CD1d BD Pharmingen™ FITC Rat Anti-Mouse CD1d 1B1  50 µg RUO 561756 Quick View

FITC Rat Anti-Mouse CD19 BD Pharmingen™ FITC Rat Anti-Mouse CD19 1D3  25 µg RUO 561740 Quick View

FITC Rat Anti-Mouse CD16/CD32 BD Pharmingen™ FITC Rat Anti-Mouse CD16/CD32 2.4G2  0.1 mg RUO 561728 Quick View

FITC Rat Anti-Mouse CD184 BD Pharmingen™ FITC Rat Anti-Mouse CD184 2B11/CXCR4  25 µg RUO 561735 Quick View

FITC Mouse Anti-Mouse CD244.2 BD Pharmingen™ FITC Mouse Anti-Mouse CD244.2 2B4  50 µg RUO 561778 Quick View

FITC Mouse Anti-Human CD195 BD Pharmingen™ FITC Mouse Anti-Human CD195 2D7/CCR5  25 Tests RUO 561747 Quick View

FITC Mouse anti-Human CD123 BD Pharmingen™ FITC Mouse anti-Human CD123 7G3  25 Tests RUO 561694 Quick View

FITC Rat Anti-Mouse CD25 BD Pharmingen™ FITC Rat Anti-Mouse CD25 7D4  25 µg RUO 561779 Quick View

FITC Rat Anti-Mouse CD21/CD35 BD Pharmingen™ FITC Rat Anti-Mouse CD21/CD35 7G6  0.1 mg RUO 561769 Quick View

FITC Rat Anti-Mouse CD23 BD Pharmingen™ FITC Rat Anti-Mouse CD23 B3B4  0.1 mg RUO 561772 Quick View

FITC Mouse Anti-Human CD209 BD Pharmingen™ FITC Mouse Anti-Human CD209 DCN46  25 Tests RUO 561764 Quick View

FITC Mouse Anti-Human CD22 BD Pharmingen™ FITC Mouse Anti-Human CD22 HIB22  25 Tests RUO 561771 Quick View

FITC Mouse Anti-Human CD127 BD Pharmingen™ FITC Mouse Anti-Human CD127 HIL-7R-M21  25 Tests RUO 561697 Quick View

FITC Rat Anti-Mouse CD24 BD Pharmingen™ FITC Rat Anti-Mouse CD24 M1/69  0.1 mg RUO 561777 Quick View

FITC Rat Anti-CD11b BD Pharmingen™ FITC Rat Anti-CD11b M1/70  25 µg RUO 561688 Quick View

FITC Mouse Anti-Human CD14 BD Pharmingen™ FITC Mouse Anti-Human CD14 M5E2  25 Tests RUO 561712 Quick View

FITC Mouse Anti-Human CD138 BD Pharmingen™ FITC Mouse Anti-Human CD138 MI15  25 Tests RUO 561703 Quick View

FITC Mouse Anti-Rat CD25 BD Pharmingen™ FITC Mouse Anti-Rat CD25 OX-39  50 µg RUO 561783 Quick View

FITC Mouse Anti-Rat CD11b/c BD Pharmingen™ FITC Mouse Anti-Rat CD11b/c OX-42  50 µg RUO 561691 Quick View

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