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The New BD Biosciences Website

Redefining the digital environment. Enhancing the customer experience!


Over the past several months, BD Biosciences has been working behind the scenes to build and launch our new eCommerce website platform in more than 25 countries. The new website is a key aspect of our customer experience and a full redesign to match the needs of researchers, clinicians and procurement organizations was vital. Our goal was to provide a comprehensive platform with information about our research and clinical solutionsscientific applications and data, and selection tools to help customers navigate the 20,000+ pages the new site contains.

In the first launch, the site brings intuitive navigation designed by customers like you, a fully integrated shopping experience for all our clinical and RUO reagents (which now also includes single-cell multiomics reagents), and a look and feel that we believe you will love. We have improved your ability to find products and research applications so you can quickly locate the right reagentinstrument or software solution needed to get your work done more efficiently.

Here are some of the features of the new experience:

  • Search capabilities:  All content is searchable with predictive, data-driven search functionality that provides simple filtering and precise sorting so you can quickly find what you are looking for.
  • Rich content and selection tools: Over 170 new web pages describing our products’ key application data, to help you select the right instrument, reagent or tool for your lab.
  • Thought leadership section: A new section on the site with information on the latest flow cytometry news and events, opinions from leaders in the field, blogs on breakthrough research, interesting and relevant flow cytometry publication reviews, and more.
  • On-demand service: Better visibility and reliability on order details and 24/7 order tracking, including a self-service support portal and real-time order status updates so you can focus on your work and plan accordingly.
  • Quick checkout: From account creation through product ordering, the site is designed for minimal clicks, with the ability to reorder previous items, send purchasing lists to other colleagues and apply applicable promotions.
  • Customized dashboard: For a more personalized shopping experience that uses your previous purchase history and preferences to suggest products based on what you buy, including instant purchase access, product availability and pricing specific to you while you are logged in.
  • Integration with your procurement systems: New capabilities that enable eProcurement systems, eCatalog browsing and sophisticated automated purchasing. You also get access to a fully customized web shopping experience that retains your institutional order approval processes while giving you full access to all the information you need to make your purchasing decisions.
  • Service and support pages: Easy access to learn about our service options, product and technical support resources, and account and order management information.


We aim to make not only a new online destination, but a powerful resource that will bring new content, features and design tools to all our global customers to help unlock the next generation of scientific and medical discoveries. Visit the new experience at—now live in the U.S., Canada, Australia and New Zealand.