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Based on customer feedback, we have begun converting some of our popular BD OptiBuild™ On-Demand Reagents to our standard, off-the-shelf reagents. While converted products will have new catalog numbers, they will be available at improved pricing on select items and in familiar 50-μg unit sizes.

What you can expect:


  • Off-the-shelf availability with improved pricing on select items
  • Access to single lot material
  • Representative data provided on the Technical Data Sheet (TDS)
  • A transition period of at least 6 months for comparison testing and study completion prior to the obsolescence of BD OptiBuild™ Reagent catalog numbers


View product list highlighting the legacy BD OptiBuild™ Reagents along with the new off-the-shelf catalog numbers below.

Performance Data

Comparison of legacy BD OptiBuild™ On-Demand Reagents and converted equivalent
off-the-shelf BD Horizon™ Reagents demonstrating similar performance.


Product Transition Chart


Legacy BD OptiBuild™ Reagent Catalog NumberSpeciesDescriptionCloneIsotypeFormatNew BD Horizon™ Reagent Catalog Number
740076HumanHu CD56 BV421 B159 50ugB159Mouse IgG1, κBV421568219
740082HumanHu HLA-A2 BV421 BB7.2 50ugBB7.2Mouse IgG2b, κBV421568757
740083HumanHu CD45RA BV421 5H9 50ug5H9Mouse IgG1, κBV421569620
740093HumanHu CD8 BV421 SK1 50ugSK1Mouse IgG1, κBV421568217
740101HumanHu CD20 BV510 L27 50ugL27Mouse IgG1, κBV510569502
740157MouseMs Ly-6G BV510 1A8 50ug1A8Rat (LEW) IgG2a, κBV510569685
740161HumanHu CD4 BV510 RPA-T4 50ugRPA-T4Mouse IgG1, κBV510569388
740176HumanHu CD95 BV510 DX2 50ugDX2Mouse (C3H) IgG1, κBV510569687
740180HumanHu CD206 BV510 19.2 50ug19.2Mouse IgG1, κBV510 569618
740187HumanHu CD3 BV510 SP34-2 50ugSP34-2Mouse IgG1, κBV510569486
740202HumanHu CD3 BV510 SK7 50ugSK7Mouse IgG1, κBV510569250
740208MouseMs CD4 BUV395 RM4-5 50ugRM4-5Rat IgG2a, κBUV395568375
740215MouseMs CD44 BUV395 IM7 50ugIM7Rat IgG2b, κBUV395568507
740218MouseMs CD62L BUV395 MEL-14 50ugMEL-14Rat IgG2a, κBUV395569400
740220MouseMs CD69 BUV395 H1.2F3 50ugH1.2F3Ham IgG2, λ3BUV395569367
740238MouseMs CD103 BUV395 M290 50ugM290Rat IgG2a, κBUV395568715
740267HumanHu CCR7 (CD197) BUV395 3D12 50ug3D12Rat IgG2a, κBUV395568681
740268MouseMs CD3 BUV395 17A2 50ug17A2Rat IgG2b, κBUV395569614
740286HumanHu CD14 BUV395 M5E2 50ugM5E2Mouse IgG2a, κBUV395569102
740287HumanHu CD19 BUV395 HIB19 50ugHIB19Mouse IgG1, κBUV395569107
740290HumanHu CD25 (IL-2 RCPTR α) BUV395 M-A251 50ugM-A251Mouse IgG1, κBUV395569353
740291HumanHu CD27 BUV395 M-T271 50ugM-T271Mouse (BALB/c) IgG1 κBUV395569712
740293HumanHu CD33 BUV395 WM53 50ugWM53Mouse IgG1, κBUV395568374
740298HumanHu CD45RA BUV395 HI100 50ugHI100Mouse IgG2b, κBUV395568712
740303HumanHu CD8 BUV395 HIT8A 50ugHIT8aMouse IgG1, κBUV395569178
740308HumanHu CD28 BUV395 CD28.2 50ugCD28.2Mouse IgG1, κBUV395569160
740315HumanHu CD45RA BUV395 5H9 50ug5H9Mouse IgG1, κBUV395569489
740326MouseMs CD335 (NKp46) BUV395 29A1.4 50ug29A1.4Rat IgG2a, κBUV395568630
740333HumanHu CD20 BV605 L27 50ugL27Mouse IgG1, κBV605569503
740363MouseMs CD49b BV605 HMa2 50ugHMα2Ham IgG1, κBV605569508
740379HumanHU CXCR5 (CD185) BV605 RF8B2 50ugRF8B2Rat IgG2b, κBV605569174
740391HumanHu CD2 BV605 RPA-2.10 50ugRPA-2.10Mouse IgG1, κBV605569168
740392HumanHu CD7 BV605 M-T701 50ugM-T701Mouse IgG1, κBV605569104
740394HumanHu CD19 BV605 HIB19 50ugHIB19Mouse IgG1, κBV605569363
740397HumanHu CD25 BV605 M-A251 50ugM-A251Mouse IgG1, κBV605569171
740398HumanHu CD27 BV605 M-T271 50ugM-T271Mouse IgG1, κBV605569170
740401HumanHu CD38 BV605 HIT2 50ugHIT2Mouse IgG1 κBV605569699
740406HumanHu CD64 BV605 10.1 50ug10.1Mouse IgG1, κBV605569172
740407HumanHu HLA-ABC BV605 G46-2.6 50ugG46-2.6Mouse IgG1, κBV605569512
740411HumanHu CD8 BV605 HIT8A 50ugHIT8aMouse IgG1, κBV605569169
740417HumanHu CD206 BV605 19.2 50ug19.2Mouse IgG1, κBV605569177
740421HumanHu CD141 BV605 1A4 50ug1A4Mouse (BALB/c) IgG1 κBV605569684
740426HumanHu CD274 BV605 MIH1 50ugMIH1Mouse IgG1, κBV605569469
740436HumanHu CD16 BV605 B73.1 50ugB73.1Mouse IgG1, κBV605569175
740455MouseMs CD44 BV650 IM7 50ugIM7Rat IgG2b κBV650569707
740460MouseMs CD69 BV650 H1.2F3 50ugH1.2F3Armenian Hamster IgG1 λ3BV650569688
740528HumanHu CXCR5 (CD185) BV650 RF8B2 50ugRF8B2Rat IgG2b, κBV650569547
740530MouseMs CD3 BV650 17A2 50ug17A2Rat (SD) IgG2b κBV650569683
740553MouseMs KLRG1 BV650 2F1 50ug2F1Ham IgG2, κBV650569548
740566HumanHu CD11b BV650 ICRF44 50ugICRF44Mouse IgG1 κBV650569704
740574HumanHu CD38 BV650 HIT2 50ugHIT2Mouse IgG1, κBV650569391
740581HumanHu HLA-ABC BV650 G46-2.6 50ugG46-2.6Mouse IgG1, κBV650569393
740604HumanHu CD141 BV650 1A4 50ug1A4Mouse IgG1, κBV650569392
740610NHPNHP CD45 BV650 D058-1283 50 ugD058-1283 Mouse IgG1, κBV650569619
740627MouseMs CD335 (NKp46) BV650 29A1.4 50ug29A1.4Rat IgG2a, κBV650569494
740660MouseMs CD62L BV711 MEL-14 50ugMEL-14Rat IgG2a, κBV711568286
740663MouseMs NK-1.1 BV711 PK136 50ugPK136Mouse (C3H x BALB/c) IgG2a κBV711569723
740664MouseMs CD69 BV711 H1.2F3 50ugH1.2F3Armenian Hamster IgG1 λ3BV711569691
740722MouseHu CD123 BV711 7G3 50ug7G3Mouse IgG2a, κBV711568228
740769HumanHu CD4 BV711 RPA-T4 50ugRPA-T4Mouse IgG1, κBV711568371
740771HumanHu CD11b BV711 ICRF44 50ugICRF44Mouse IgG1, κBV711568229
740782HumanHu CD64 BV711 10.1 50ug10.1Mouse (BALB/c) IgG1 κBV711569686
740798HumanHu CD137 BV711 4B4-1 50ug4B4-1Mouse IgG1 κBV711569689
740801HumanHu CD80 BV711 L307.4 50ugL307.4Mouse IgG1, κBV711568227
740832HumanHu CD3 BV711 SK7 50ugSK7Mouse (BALB/c) IgG1 κBV711569787
740853MouseMs NK-1.1 BV786 PK136 50ugPK136Mouse IgG2aBV786568224
740861MouseCD11B BV786 M1/70 50ugM1/70Rat IgG2b, κBV786569504
740880MouseMs CD138 BV786 281-2 50ug281-2Rat (F344) IgG2a, κBV786569692
740889MouseMs CD45.1 BV786 A20 50ugA20Mouse A.SW IgG2a, κBV786569696
740953MouseMs Ly-6G BV786 1A8 50ug1A8Rat IgG2a, κBV786569406
740962HumanHu CD4 BV786 RPA-T4 50ugRPA-T4Mouse IgG1, κBV786568368
740965HumanHu CD11b BV786 ICRF44 50ugICRF44Mouse IgG1, κBV786569703
740966HumanHu CD11c BV786 B-ly6 50ugB-ly6Mouse IgG1, κBV786568220
740968HumanHu CD19 BV786 HIB19 50ugHIB19Mouse IgG1 κBV786569698
740971HumanHu CD24 BV786 ML5 50ugML5Mouse IgG2aBV786568225
740974HumanHu CD33 BV786 WM53 50ugWM53Mouse (BALB/c) IgG1, κBV786569790
740981HumanHu CD62L BV786 DREG-56 50ugDREG-56Mouse IgG1 κBV786569695
740991HumanHu CD95 BV786 DX2 50ugDX2Mouse IgG1, κBV786568505
740992HumanHu CD81 (TAPA-1) BV786 JS-81 50ugJS-81Mouse IgG1, κBV786568522
740996HumanHu CD28 BV786 CD28.2 50ugCD28.2Mouse (C3H x BALB/c) IgG1, κBV786569697
741003HumanHu CD163 BV786 GHI/61 50ugGHI/61Mouse IgG1, κBV786568221
741006Human Hu CD141 BV786 1A4 50ug1A4Mouse IgG1, κBV786568218
741013HumanHu CD15 BV786 W6D3 50ugW6D3Mouse IgG1, κBV786568288
741024MouseMs CD64 A/B ALOATG BV786 X54-5/7.1 50ugX54-5/7.1Mouse IgG1, κBV786569507
741029MouseMs CD335 (NKp46) BV786 29A1.4 50ug29A1.4Rat IgG2a κBV786569694
741050MouseMs CD4 BUV496 RM4-5 50ugRM4-5Rat IgG2a, κBUV496569180
741057MouseMs CD44 BUV496 IM7 50ugIM7Rat IgG2b κBUV496569706
741062MouseMs NK-1.1 BUV496 PK136 50ugPK136Mouse C3H x BALB/c IgG2a, κBUV496569716
741092MouseMs CD45.2 BUV496 104 50ug104Mouse (SJL) IgG2a, κBUV496569670
741117MouseMs CD3 BUV496 17A2 50ug17A2Rat (SD) IgG2b κBUV496569671
741134HumanHu CD4 BUV496 RPA-T4 50ugRPA-T4Mouse IgG1, κBUV496569179
741138HumanHu CD11b BUV496 ICRF44 50ugICRF44Mouse IgG1 κBUV496569702
741206HumanHu CD3 BUV496 SK7 50ugSK7Mouse (BALB/c) IgG1 κBUV496569786
741217MouseMs CD4 BUV563 RM4-5 50ugRM4-5Rat IgG2a, κBUV563569182
741227MouseMs CD44 BUV563 IM7 50ugIM7Rat IgG2b κBUV563569705
741242Mouse, HumanCD11b BUV563 M1/70 50ugM1/70Rat (DA) IgG2b κBUV563569711
741357HumanHu CD11b BUV563 ICRF44 50ugICRF44Mouse IgG1 κBUV563569701
741361HumanHu CD19 BUV563 HIB19 50ugHIB19Mouse IgG1 κBUV563569676
741421HumanHu ICOS (CD278) BUV563 DX29 50ugDX29Mouse IgG1, κBUV563A568215
741448HumanHu CD3 BUV563 SK7 50ugSK7Mouse (BALB/c) IgG1, κBUV563569785
741461HumanMs CD4 BUV661 RM4-5 50ugRM4-5Rat (DA) IgG2a, κBUV661569752
741597HumanHu CD4 BUV661 RPA-T4 50ugRPA-T4Mouse IgG1 κBUV661569782
741642HumanHu CD137 BUV661 4B4-1 50ug4B4-1Mouse IgG1 κBUV661569682
741692HumanHu CD3 BUV661 SK7 50ugSK7Mouse (BALB/c) IgG1, κBUV661569784
741813MouseMs Ly-6G BUV737 1A8 50ug1A8Rat IgG2a, κBUV737568346
741823HumanHu CD4 BUV737 RPA-T4 50ugRPA-T4Mouse IgG1, κBUV737568369
741826Human Hu CD11b BUV737 ICRF44 50ugICRF44Mouse IgG1, κBUV737568332
741827Human Hu CD11c BV737 B-ly6 50ugB-ly6Mouse IgG1, κBUV737568328
741842HumanHu CD56 (NCAM-1) BUV737 B159 50ugB159Mouse IgG1, κBUV737569191
741843HumanHu CD62L BUV737 DREG-56 50ugDREG-56Mouse IgG1, κBUV737568329
741861Human Hu CD137 BUV737 4B4-1 50ug4B4-1Mouse IgG1, κBUV737568348
741865HumanHu CD80 BUV737 L307.4 50ugL307.4Mouse IgG1, κBUV737568364
741872Human Hu CD3 BUV737 SP34-2 50ugSP34-2Mouse IgG1, λ1BUV737568353
741877MouseMs CD274 BUV737 MIH5 50ugMIH5Rat IgG2a, λBUV737568361
741912MouseMs CD4 BUV805 RM4-5 50ugRM4-5Rat IgG2a, κBUV805569193
741924MouseMs CD62L BUV805 MEL-14 50ugMEL-14Rat IgG2a, κBUV563569201
741926MouseMs NK-1.1 BUV805 PK136 50ugPK136Mouse IgG2a, κBUV805569164
741934Ms/HuCD11b BUV805 M1/70 50ugM1/70Rat IgG2b, κBUV805568345
741957MouseMs CD45.2 BUV805 104 50ug104Mouse IgG2a, κBUV805569200
741958MouseMs CD45.1 BUV805 A20 50ugA20Mouse (A.SW) IgG2a, κBUV805569681
741982MouseMs CD3 BUV805 17A2 50ug17A2Rat IgG2b, κBUV805569192
742000HumanHu CD4 BUV805 RPA-T4 50ugRPA-T4Mouse IgG1, κBUV563569196
742004HumanHu CD11b BUV805 ICRF44 50ugICRF44Mouse IgG1, κBUV805569700
742007Human Hu CD19 BUV805 HIB19 50ugHIB19Mouse IgG1, κBUV805568331
742020Human Hu CD45RA BUV805 HI100 50ugHI100Mouse IgG2b, κBUV805568330
742024HumanHu CD62L BUV805 DREG-56 50ugDREG-56Mouse IgG1, κBUV805569161
742053Human Hu CD3 BUV805 SP34-2 50ugSP34-2Mouse IgG1, λ1BUV805568354
742069HumanHu CD14 BUV805 MphiP9 50ugMphiP9Mouse IgG2b, κBUV805568333
742075HumanHu CD16 (FcγRIII) BUV805 B73.1 50ugB73.1Mouse IgG1, κBUV805569166
742217HumanHu CD33 BB700 WM53 50ugWM53Mouse IgG1, κBB700568283
742229Human Hu CD8 BB700 HIT8a 50ugHIT8aMouse IgG1, κBB700568284
742390HumanHu CD8b BV421 2ST8.5H7 50ug2ST8.5H7Mouse IgG2a, κBV421568373
742393HumanHu CD8b BV650 2ST8.5H7 50ug2ST8.5H7Mouse IgG2a, κBV650569550
742484MouseMs TCR b Chain BV786 H57-597 50ugH57-597Ham IgG2, λ1BV786568222
742485MouseMs TCR Beta Chain BUV395 H57-597 50ugH57-597Ham IgG2, λ1BUV395569248
742550HumanHu CD5 BV605 L17F12 50ugL17F12Mouse IgG2a, κBV605569239
742623HumanHu CD3 BV605 UCHT1 50ugUCHT1Mouse IgG1, κBV605569100
742731HumanHu CD27 BV421 L128 50ugL128Mouse IgG1, κBV421568226
742749HumanHu CD1c BV650 F10/21A3 50ugF10/21A3 Mouse IgG1, κBV650569617
742856HumanHu TIM-3 (CD366) BV605 7D3 50ug7D3Mouse IgG1, κBV605569245
742857HumanHu TIM-3 (CD366) BV786 7D3 50ug7D3Mouse IgG1, κBV786568504
743155MouseMs CD4 BV510 GK1.5 50ugGK1.5Rat IgG2b, κBV510569249
743172HumanHu CD337 (NKp30) BV786 P30-15 50ugP30-15Mouse IgG1, κBV786568223
743280MouseMs F4/80 BV510 T45-2342 50ugT45-2342Rat IgG2a, κBV510569615
743281MouseMs F4/80 BV605 T45-2342 50ugT45-2342Rat IgG2a, κBV605569237
743283HumanHu CD134 BV421 ACT35 50ugACT35Mouse IgG1, κBV421568213
743307HumanHu CD71 BV650 M-A712 50ugM-A712Mouse IgG2a, κBV650569511
743308HumanHu CD71 BUV395 M-A712 50ugM-A712Mouse IgG2a, κBUV395568523
743558HumanHu CD314 (NKG2D) BV421 1D11 50ug1D11Mouse IgG1, κBV421568106
743611HumanHu CD20 BV786 2H7 50ug2H7Mouse IgG2b, κBV786568713
743652HumanHu CD103 BV605 BER-ACT8 50ugBer-ACT8Mouse IgG1, κBV605569162
743654HumanHu CD103 BV786 Ber-ACT8 50ugBer-ACT8Mouse IgG1, κBV786568274
743876MouseMs I-A, I-E BUV395 2G9 50ug2G9Rat IgG2a, κBUV395569244
744023HumanHu CD1a BV605 HI149 50ugHI149Mouse IgG1, κBV605569690
744436HumanHu CD11c BV605 S-HCL-3 50ugS-HCL-3Mouse IgG2b, κBV605569488
744471MouseMs CD24 BUV395 M1/69 50ugM1/69Rat (DA) IgG2b κBUV395569669
744546MouseMs CD279 (PD-1) BV650 J43 50ugJ43Ham IgG2, κBV650569506
744547MouseMs CD279 (PD-1) BV711 J43 50ugJ43Ham IgG2, κBV711568298
744904HumanHu CD34 BV421 8G12 50ug8G12Mouse IgG1, κBV421568758
744930HumanHu CD8b BV650 2ST8.5H7 50ugDX29Mouse IgG1, κBV510569549
744985HumanHu LAG-3 (CD223) BV510 T47-530 50ugT47-530 Mouse IgG1, κBV510 569616
745091HumanHu CD163 BV605 GHI/61 50ugGHI/61Mouse IgG1, κBV605569202
745100HumanHu ICOS (CD278) BV605 DX29 50ugDX29Mouse IgG1, κBV605569173
745105HumanHu CD34 BV605 563 50ug563Mouse IgG1, κBV605569594
745191HumanHu CD13 BV605 L138 50ugL138 Mouse IgG1, κBV605569238
745205HumanHu CD2 BV605 S5.2 50ugS5.2 Mouse IgG2aBV605569106
745359HumanHu Gma Dta TCR BV650 11F2 50ug11F2Mouse IgG1BV650569510
745505HumanHu Gma Dta TCR BV711 11F2 50ug11F2Mouse IgG1BV711568490
745640HumanHu LAG-3 (CD223) BUV395 T47-530 50ugT47-530Mouse IgG1, κBUV395569247
745733HumanHu CD117 (c-Kit) BUV395 104D2 50ug104D2Mouse IgG1BUV395568489
745787HumanHu CD138 BB700 MI15 50ugMI15Mouse IgG1, κBB700568282
745790HumanHu CD14 BB700 M5E2 50ugM5E2Mouse IgG2a, κBB700568525
745981HumanHu CD4 BB700 RPA-T4 50ugRPA-T4Mouse IgG1, κBB700568370
746313HumanHu CD3 BV480 HIT3A 50ugHIT3aMouse IgG2a, κBV480568216
746457HumanHu CD19 BV480 HIB19 50ugHIB19Mouse IgG1, κBV480568214
746541HumanHu CD4 BV480 RPA-T4 50ugRPA-T4Mouse IgG1, κBV480569781
747353HumanHu CD137 BV750 4B4-1 50ug4B4-1Mouse (BALB/c) IgG1, κBV750569693
747520HumanHu CD69 BB700 FN50 50ugFN50 (also known as FN 50)Mouse IgG1, κBB700569399
747522HumanHu CD69 BV750 FN50 50ugFN50Mouse IgG1, κBV750568285
747750HumanHu CD90 BV605 5E10 50ug5E10Mouse IgG1, κBV605569401
748267MouseMs CD279 (PD-1) BV605 RMP1-30 50ugRMP1-30Rat IgG2b, κBV605569105
748268MouseMs CD279 (PD-1) BV421 RMP1-30 50ugRMP1-30Rat (SD) IgG2b κBV421569780
748338Human Hu HLA-DR BUV805 G46-6 50ugG46-6Mouse IgG2a, κBUV805568335
748339Human Hu HLA-DR BUV737 G46-6 50ugG46-6Mouse IgG2a, κBUV737568351
748370MouseMs CD45 BUV805 30-F11 50ug30-F11Rat IgG2b, κBUV805568336
748371MouseMs CD45 BUV737 30-F11 50ug30-F11Rat IgG2b, κBUV737568344
748502Human Hu CD103 BUV737 Ber-ACT8 50ugBer-ACT8Mouse IgG1, κBUV737568350
748535MouseMs CD8a BUV563 53-6.7 50ug53-6.7Rat IgG2a, κBUV563569185
748569HumanHu CD3 BUV563 UCHT1 50ugUCHT1Mouse BALB/c IgG1, κBUV563569789
748609HumanHu CD56 BUV737 MY31 50ugMY31Mouse (BALB/c X C57BL/6) IgG1, κBUV737569722
748704HumanHu CD27 BUV805 L128 50ugL128Mouse IgG1, κBUV805569167
748719HumanHu CD45 BUV737 HI30 50ugHI30Mouse IgG1, κBUV737568524
748720HumanHu CD45 BUV563 HI30 50 ugHI30Mouse IgG1, κBUV563569675
748763HumanHu CD69 (Leu-23) BUV805 FN50 50ugFN50Mouse IgG1, κBUV805569163
748820HumanHu TIM-3 (CD366) BUV737 7D3 50ug7D3Mouse IgG1, κBUV737568680
748845MouseMs I-A, I-E BUV737 M5/114.15.2 50ugM5/114.15.2Rat IgG2b, κBUV737569176
748850HumanHu CD16 BUV805 3G8 50ug3G8Mouse IgG1, κBUV805569165
748851HumanHu CD16 BUV563 3G8 50ug3G8Mouse IgG1, κBUV563568289
748867MouseMs CD45R/B220 BUV805 RA3-6B2 50ugRA3-6B2Mouse IgG1, κBUV563569199
749027MouseMs CD19 BUV805 1D3 50ug1D3Mouse IgG1, κBUV805568287
749038HumanMs CD11c BUV805 N418 50ugN418Armenian Hamster IgG2BUV805569713
749039MouseMs CD11c BUV737 N418 50ugN418Ham IgG2, κBUV737569236
749173Human Hu CD19 BUV805 SJ25C1 50ugSJ25C1Mouse IgG1, κBUV805568290
749306MouseMs CD279 (PD-1) BUV737 RMP1-30 50ugRMP1-30Rat IgG2b, κBUV737568363
749366Human Hu CD8 BUV805 RPA-T8 50ugRPA-T8Mouse IgG2a, κBUV805568334
749367HumanHu CD8 BUV737 RPA-T8 50ugRPA-T8Mouse IgG1, κBUV737569189
749393MouseMs CD103 BUV737 2E7 50ug2E7Armenian Hamster IgG2, κBUV737569678
749422MouseMs CD279 (PD-1) BUV737 J43 50ugJ43Ham IgG2, κBUV737568362
749655HumanHu CCR7 (CD197) BUV395 2-L1-A 50ug2-L1-A Mouse IgG1, κBUV395569108
749864Human, MouseCD11b BUV496 M1/70 50ugM1/70Rat (DA) IgG2b, κBUV496569708
749866HumanHu HLA-DR BUV496 G46-6 50ugG46-6Mouse IgG2a κBUV496569674
749889MouseMs CD45 BUV496 30-F11 50ug30-F11Rat IgG2b κBUV496569673
749954HumanHu CD20 BUV496 2H7 50ug2H7Mouse (C57BL/6) IgG2b κBUV496569672
749967HumanHu CD39 (ENTPD1) BUV661 TU66 50ugTU66Mouse IgG2b, κBUV661569788
750023MouseMs CD8a BUV661 53-6.7 50ug53-6.7Rat IgG2a, κBUV563569186
750024MouseMs CD8a BUV496 53-6.7 50ug53-6.7Rat IgG2a, κBUV496569181
750179HumanHu CD45 BUV496 HI30 50ugHI30Mouse IgG1, κBUV496569101
750260HumanHu CD279 (PD-1) BUV661 EH12.1 50ugEH12.1Mouse IgG1, κBUV661569246
750591HumanHu CD4 BUV496 L200 50ugL200Mouse IgG1, κBUV496569505
750696HumanHu CD196 (CCR6) BUV661 11A9 50ug11A9Mouse IgG1, κBUV661569509
750699HumanHu CD8 BUV661 RPA-T8 50ugRPA-T8Mouse IgG1, κBUV563569187
750971HumanHu CD3 BUV737 OKT3 50ugOKT3Mouse IgG2a, κBUV737569188
750986HumanHu CD4 BV480 OKT4 50ugOKT4Mouse IgG2b, κBV480568372
751273HumanHu CD19 BUV615 HIB19 50ugHIB19Mouse IgG1 κBUV615569677
751518HumanHu CD8 BUV615 RPA-T8 50ugRPA-T8Mouse IgG1, κBUV615569783
751580MouseMs CD45R/B220 BUV615 RA3-6B2 50ugRA3-6B2Rat IgG2a, κBUV615569724
751681HumanHu CD27 BUV737 O323 50ugO323Mouse IgG1, κBUV737569714
751682HumanHu CD27 BUV805 O323 50ugO323Mouse IgG1, κBUV805569235
751840HumanHu IL-3RΑ (CD123) BUV805 6H6 50ug6H6Mouse (BALB/c) IgG1, κBUV805569680


BV: BD Horizon Brilliant Violet™ Reagents

BUV: BD Horizon Brilliant™ Ultraviolet Reagents

The product list will be updated with future releases



For Research Use Only. Not for use in therapeutic or diagnostic procedures.