BD Horizon Brilliant™ Ultraviolet 615 Reagents

A Fluorochrome Designed to Provide Flexibility in Panel Design

BD Horizon Brilliant Ultraviolet 615 (BUV615)

BUV615 is an innovative tandem dye excited by the ultraviolet (355 nm) laser, with an emission maximum of 616 nm. It is a seventh dye choice for the UV laser, which allows an additional color to be considered for panel design, as it works well in combination with many other fluorochromes in a multicolor panel.

The BUV615 dye was developed exclusively by BD Biosciences, the leading innovator of flow cytometry instruments, reagents and software, using polymer technology to provide stable, high quality reagents that are bright with minimal spillover.

BUV615 Offers:
Excellent resolution of dim populations
Expanding multi-color options for 355 nm UV laser
Overall low impact on the resolution of most other fluorochromes

BUV615 Resolves Antigens Expressed at All Resolution levels

Staining of human lysed whole blood using BD Horizon BUV615 reagents A. Human lysed whole blood was stained with BD Horizon BUV615 CD4 (left, clone SK3) or CD127 (right, clone H1L-7R-M21).

BUV615 is Minimally Impacted by Other Fluorochromes

Representative spillover spread matrix (SSM)
Relatively low spread was measured from BUV615 into most other detectors and most other fluorochromes showed relatively low spread into the BUV615 detector. Lysed whole blood was stained with mouse anti-human CD4 (clone SK3) antibodies conjugated with the indicated fluorochromes. Cells were examined on a BD FACSymphony™ cell analyzer and data was analyzed using FlowJo™software. SSM values were color-coded based on an arbitrary scale defined upon spread visualization using bi-variate contour plots. For a given spillover spread value, the amount of spread is directly correlated to antigen density.
  1. Brightness
  2. Flexibility

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Class 1 Laser Product.
For Research Use Only. Not for use in diagnostic or therapeutic procedures.
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